Creepy People!

When I first joined EP, I saw an alarming trend with some of the men on here.
so if what I describe is you, please don't take it personal, as what I am about to say is a composite description.

a woman comes on to EP. She is troubled and post a story..."I am married, but lonely!"
or something similar.

So these men wait, see their chance and pounce on the poor vulnerable woman. Oh they are nice, even down right generous with their time. Are they really interested in helping her solve her marriage woes? Hell no! They see a chance to get with the vulnerable woman, become her friend and confidant. What is the motive? Easy prey for these predators. It may take a month, six weeks or even a year, but they see this as a chance to score with a sexy babe. She needs company, they will provide it! They soon need and want sexual stimulation, perfect! This is what the guy wants. Did he ever want to save her marriage, help her family? Hell no, he just wants to get laid.
When he eventually does, he will tire quickly and go back to his wife. this leaves the poor woman in even worst shape.

You may think I am exaggerating. I fear not! I could name names, but then what would that accomplish, except to embarrass the poor woman even more. (One such woman was a very close friend of mine, I do wish her all the luck in the world as she tries to piece back together her messed up life!)

I think this type of behavior is down right creepy, and should be criminal.
That is my opinion!
What is yours?
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This lady needs to be a LOT more cautious with how she lets people become intimate with her. The problem is hers, not the men, and her going on the internet to try to find help for her real life marriage (or not even help, just to say she is lonely aka horny) instead of to a counselor is asking for it. Why don't you advise this woman to live in the real world, not the internet world, and go seek professional help for her issues. As far as men on the internet being horny and looking for women to score with, good luck changing human nature.

Wow! This story was a real eye opener. I hope your friend is able to piece her life back together. I'm so sorry this happened to her. Thanks for taking the time to write a story that could potentially warn some of the women...and keep them from becoming a victim of these guys in the future. :)

Oh, this world is filled with too many creepy men that give the good guys bad names. The behaviour you are suggesting is appalling. In fact a lot of their behaviour is dreadful. I hate guys that see women only in a sexual way.<br />
<br />
I'll tell you a recent incident. I'm very skeptical of men from certain cultures because I've had bad experiences with them. Anyhow, I was called out on my cold behaviour from a guy I used to work with. So I second guessed myself and started to become friendlier and of course he then misinterprets it. So when I remind him I'm married he responds "yes but lots of married people are having affairs" and I say "well I'm not interested in you". And he has the guts of then accusing me of leading him on. Sigh...... I really can't win!! So now, I'm back to ignoring guys from that culture. lol

It is pretty sad when being nice to someone is interpreted as having a sexual interest in them. These guys I am talking about hang out in these groups, "Married but Lonely", and "I live in a sexless marriage". I just find it appalling. These woman are looking for help and good advice, and these guys are pretending to be their savior. I think it sucks.

Yes, I agree it sucks. They are feeding off their vulnerability.

I'm just there a way we can get rid of these guys?

Well I am 99% sure three of the ones I know of are now off EP. Seems they developed problems with their marriage, especially when their wives found they were "Chatting" with these woman. When I say woman, I don't mean one woman per guy, they were playing many at a time.

So sad but glad they are off!!!

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