I'm Easy Going - 2

Time to add another item to my pet peeve list:

I'm stumbling along in EP and I run across a story by someone I haven't seen before. The story is interesting, so I check the member's profile out, only to discover:

  • They joined EP within the last few days.

  • They already belong to hundreds of groups

  • They have already posted hundreds of stories

And then, checking further:

  • Those hundreds of stories are actually half a dozen stories, each posted several times, one copy to each of the hundreds of groups they might apply to that they have already joined.

Come on, folks.  Yes, EP gives you points and tokens for every time you post a story, so that's a quick way to run up your totals, but all it really shows the "regulars" here is that you're probably not going to be around for long, and it sure doesn't give the "regulars" much to go on when it comes to deciding whether or not to friend you.
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Nov 29, 2012