Pet Peeves List #3 (ep Edition)

This is my 3rd Pet Peeves List! I guess most of these are not REAL Pet Peeves so don't complain I know that.

And everything in this list will be related to Experience Project. Things I dislike here be it the website or features or things people do! However if it's people it's just a common thing I find and not related to one person in general. You will see what I mean.

#1. Missing Features:
I guess I touched on this before. A site update that breaks more than it fixes. I can no longer find were my total story views, or total all sorts of different stats are. I can only find my total views! Also I can't find how to search and bring up a list of groups that I founded or stories that I wrote within groups that I founded. Both of these features were awesome and missing as of the update I got like almost a year ago now. Maybe one or both of these things are still around but I checked everywhere. I can find my total profile views and total views for a given story. But no grand totals or other stats.

#2. That one really good STORY!:
You read a story and it's really good! You enjoy it a lot... and you click on the persons profile to learn more about them or more so to read more of there stories but hey  they only posted one! And it was months or years ago. Still a good find but you wonder why they stopped when you know they had more experiences like that. And were hinting like they were going to share more and were good at it.  I don't get mad at them people can post or not post what they want. But it's a generally pet peeve because it happens 50% of the time I find a story I really like. lol 

#3. Repeating the same story... Copy and Paste!
This is not always really annoying. And I can find some situations were it could be alright. But please don't do this all the time people and if your going to do it don't do it like a million times with each story. If your not an active user and want more replies,comments and attention based of your limited experiences or time to share about them. Sure go ahead and copy and paste them a little if you want. But if your a primary user and have like 100 stories 50% or more should not be copies. It's kind of the same reason as #2... You click into someones profile after reading something you like and they have like 3-30 or more stories. And most are copies. So it's like owe they do have more good! O they don't have anymore or only have like 1-2 more experiences.

So I understand this to a degree but to much or to often copy and pasting is annoying. If you have to draw attention to an other post Feature it, link it in your other experiences as long as they are real experiences and not just like "come see my other experience"! Or share about it in messages or your current topic or something. 

#4. How drafts work!:
Just kidding the recent update made them work a lot better! So I like drafts now. Before it was annoying if you resumed an old draft it would not save again unless you deleted it copy and pasted the contents back in and saved it again. Thus people would loose there draft saves like crazy. So congrats E.P you did something right! Do it more please. This site is actually fairly good feature wise all things considered.

Real #4. Some information is hard to find:
Things like the current amount of stories in a group or members in a group. They can be tricky to find and at times they are in different areas. I think it depends if your in a group or not or founded the group. Any group I have founded I cannot see a current members list and some other info. Which is weird since I founded the group. Instead I have to click on members which shows a list of users. I need to then count how many pages there are... so lets say 15 pages... x 20 user per page... +7 users on page 16.  For 307 but that is an example. Most other groups and such I can find out by looking at current members.  But it used to be easier before both ways.

Also, This is a less of a problem but it's harder to find a story posters information... age and sex etc!  Before it would say on the main story page in any group. Story name... a little caption usually and age and sex of poster. Now you have to click into the story AND browse to the bottom. I guess I like this change for one reason and it's probably the reason it was made. It prevents people from only reading stories of genders they are interested in for the giving experience etc. So now it does get people to click into stuff they often would not and they might like what they see but it would depend. I don't think a straight person is going to enjoy the same genders sexual experience unless it's a straight sexual experience and included a girl. However you can find none sexual experiences that work the same way. Someone could be trying to find girl gamers to have as pen pals. Or looking for an older metal smith someone who would know the craft well. So they would be looking for older ages when browsing the EP metal crafting group, which may or may not exist.

But in general the way it is now might be better. Or at least a little closer to how it was before would be nice.. But it's to much to have to click into a story and scroll to the bottom. Just having to click into the story should be good enough.

The reasons I hate it are what I just said AND if the information is going to be in the store and at the end... If I don't know the person how am I going to understand the story or experience as easily. The age and sex help a lot! So now we have to scroll to the bottom and check even if we did not really care. And it could spoil some things. This goes for basically any experience adult subject or not.

#5. You cannot edit comments made as reply's:
You can edit your own comments on any story at any time. However reply to someone elses comment with an other comment and it's there until you delete it. No editing. This needs to be fixed... I like to change my comments when there is stupid errors or things I said wrong. This is very annoying.

#6. People with very short or pointless experiences:
Okay I am fine with short experiences sometimes very short... as long as it's an experience not just like a saying. 

An Example of a short/very short but still good experience post.
Good Version
Group: I like pizza!
Story: I love pizza! Usually order some once a week, love the meat lovers pizza! Yummy!

Bad Version
Group: I like pizza!
Story: I love pizza a lot! 

See that's not an experience actually both of these are not really experiences nor do they bring much to the table to discuss. But the first one has something. So when posting to a group try to share something that has happened to you. Or something else creative if it's not exactly an experience. Ask a question maybe! If your not sharing an experience, being creative or asking for a question or help with something than it's kind of a waste of time. Sometimes very short works.

Now pointless experiences are a little harder and sometimes easier to Identify. In the very least your experience needs to be at least remotely close to the group subject. Or have a good reason not to be.

And again your post should contain at least one of the following things... an experience, something creative, or a question.  I sometimes make posts were I am not so much as sharing an experience as I am sharing an idea or asking for assistance. So make a reason for people that read or click into your experience to contact you, or add a comment. Or in the very least read your experience.

The only exclusions to this would be if the experience demands or allows it. Like an Experience called  "I waste peoples time!" Or write a 10 word story... etc...
Try to accomplish something in relation to the actual experience group. 98% of all users understand this. About 1-2% of people don't. 

These pet peeves are based on my opinion. So I'm not saying they are rules or anything. You can continue to post short experiences AND copy and paste them 50 times each if you feel like it. Ok that actually might against the rules of the site I'm not sure.
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hi girl go get them tell them how it is

I agree with all of your pet peeves. But I think there are a few more that could be added. If I might make so bold, I will number these where you left off, that is, from #7:

#7 - It used to be, if you went on a particular experience group, you could step through the stories 1 by 1 in date order using big arrow things on the left and right of the story, to go forwards or backwards through the stories. This was really useful because it was nice to be able to read through all the stories in a particular experience if it was an experience you were interested in. Now you have to keep clicking in and out which is annoying especially when you have a 10 years' old plus laptop like mine (1.7 GHz Celeron, 500MB etc) because it is dead slow.

#8 - same as for #7 but going through the stories by a particular person. This isn't so bad now, because you can still see all of someone's stories through their profile.

#9 - people that copy other peoples' stories. I know you have people that copy their own story multiple times in your list, but worse are people the copy stories from someone else and pretend that it's their own. For people like me that have been on EP for a long time and read a lot of old stories and have a good memory I notice this. People will copy a story by someone else from like 2 years ago and re-post as their own. It doesn't happen very often but when it does I find it irritating.

#10 - People that write stuff that's obviously not true. I have a pee fetish and come here mainly for that, and I've seen people write things like how they held their pee for several days before going, things that are exaggerated beyond all semblence of feasibility.

#11 - People that join groups on subjects they don't like and then post nasty comments. Again, like on the pee thing, I see people join these groups only to make nasty remarks about people that enjoy the pee fetish. If you don't like it, don't join. Fortunately this sort of thing seems to have got less common over the last couple of years.

That's it from me. I guess I've started to become a grumpy old man. Hey, maybe there's a group for grumpy old men on here where we can all rant endlessly about these things without bothering anybody else. I'm off to have a look now. Bye.

I LOVE this comment!

First of all #7-8 I kind of understand. To me it's never been the way it should be. But it's not terrible. I think it's way above how some of the more forum based sites have it. I hate browsing things from a forum. In fact more pee fetish sites use the whole stupid forum thing. But EP has continually changed things for the worse when it comes to browsing stories or experiences. It's alright though. I think opening in a newtab is a must here on EP. So I use the middle mouse click to open things as a new tab. Saves time! And makes it easier.

9 - I have never really seen people copy other peoples stories? This is the first time I have ever told anyone this. Not that it's a big deal or anything but I save just about every experience I read on here. As long as it's at least somewhat worthwhile reading for any reason. Because I know even the best sites and stuff can go under. Or the user can delete there content. So I have over 400 saved HTML's from EP. And I have noticed users delete there accounts and than re-post old stories on completely different accounts weeks or months later without saying what they did. And I know it's the same person because they continue making new stories and I can tell it's the same person. But that's rare I imagine there are other people just copy and pasting old stories! lol I have no idea what that is about. In the very least they should say something like here is a story I found from an other site or from a deleted user here. But even than that could be weird to do.

10 - I probably read less than you so I have only noticed this a little bit. I normally chalk it up to someone trying to be over dramatic. But yes there is no reason to say impossible things as if it happened. I think it was even on an episode of House that you can only go so long without peeing before well basically dying or going to the hospital. In my opinion an average person needs to pee at least once in a 48 hour period of time even than they would have to be trying hard not to pee and drinking almost nothing.

But I have seen much worse! The worst experiences are the ones that are told as if they are true... but true or fake or even true but over exaggerated the story itself is gross, wrong or just plain out alien to how the real world works is just strange!

The type of story that even if the person said it was fiction it would still not make sense. Or would be very sick and maybe illegal.

Usually involving a large some of characters or people... and everyone is in on the fun! In situations were it would be impossible. And to make matters worse half the time children are involved and it's basically child **** in the form of text.

I do messed up things and I'm sometimes not a good person, I would not suggest people copy all my actions. But the things one can read on the internet real or not is just unacceptable. I share things I should not be sharing! And I think most experiences here are real or just a little over exaggerated. But sometimes I'm happy to realize certain experiences are not real and humans are not monsters.

11 - Oops I forgot all about this one. I kind of like it when people post some nasty comments or express there opinions! I don't like when they make it there mission but it's funny to hear the opinion of someone who does not have this fetish! Or does have it on a much smaller scale.

If a hotel manager or maid commented on one of my hotel wetting experiences and was disgusted or upset. I would not blame them and I would probably be interested and accepting of what they said. But it would depend! I am usually careful about sharing about my fetishes outside of direct fetish experiences. But I have mentioned them briefly in other experiences.

For example in an experience about ************ in public I might say I have some fetishes or do other things along the same lines. But I usually will avoid giving details or I will only say I like certain things involving pee or watersports and leave it at that. Because I don't want to draw attention. To some degree we are all responsible to not like gross out everyone! Posting about pee and so forth in an experiences were one would not really expect to find such details would be asking for rude comment in return.

Because at that point it would be like I was trolling and wanting to stir up some trouble. Or get a reaction... and like I said in the beginning of this comment if I did have someone message me or comment for the most part it would make me laugh and get excited I would be more interested in hearing them out rather than deleting the message and blocking them. We are kind of strange people! But all people are strange in there own way.

I accidentally came across this question here on E.P and made a reply. So even for a girl I have BIG BALLS sometimes. This basically shows that I am not really afraid to express myself even if it might stur something up. But I was not trying to cause problems and I don't want ANYONE to go and complain to these people. This was a very funny question and I kept my humor in tact in answering it.

Personally I can put myself on the other side of the fence and see why people might dislike me, people like us or the things we like! And I find that interesting and normal.

It also looks like my answer got yyellowbird to answer as well. lol