I cannot explain how much this drives me crazy. A certain person in my household, for some reason, finds it necessary to melt butter in the microwave like 5-10 times per week. I don't see why you need to melt butter that often, but hey, whatever makes you happy. The part that drives me absolutely insane is that they do it in the stupidest ways possible. First off, they REFUSE to cover the cup they melt the butter in. Ever. So every time I use the microwave I have to check the top of it because the butter is splattering in massive amounts onto the top, only solidifying about halfway, then dripping disgustingly into everyone's food. And of course, I am the one who has to clean it for some reason. The worst part about this is that we already had a conversation about this a few months ago, and I was under the impression that she'd figured out a solution to keep the butter from splattering all over the microwave (a paper towel on top of the cup will do it - it's not rocket science)... Then a couple of weeks ago, I thought I saw her pull an uncovered cup of butter out of the microwave but I decided not to mention it. The other day, I open the microwave and look at the inside and find massive splatters all over the top again, as well as big drip piles all over the bottom of the microwave which tells me that it's been dripping in our food again for god knows how long without anyone knowing.... So when I mentioned it to her, she did the only logical thing. She threw a tantrum and started screaming at me.

The other thing that drives me crazy, which is much less gross but still extremely annoying, is that she refuses to use a microwaveable cup half of the time. Over and over and over she uses our plastic measuring cups. Let me point out - she is NOT actually measuring it. She's just using the cups because she likes the handles. No matter how many times I ask her nicely to please use microwaveable cups, she keeps using the measuring cups, and now all of our measuring cups are ruined with plastic/butter bubbles all over the bottom and cracks splintering throughout them.

Okay. I'm done with my pet peeve rant for the day.
chasinghappiness07 chasinghappiness07
22-25, F
Jan 6, 2013