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Cell Phone Screamers

This has probably already been commmented on in this group, but it's one that really makes me nuts: People in public who feel the need to SCREAM into their cell phones.

I mean, come on, people; it's a sophisticated, sensitive piece of modern electronics, not a can tied with a long string to another can. I'm sure "yell your conversation at the top of your lungs" isn't in the user's manual. So as much as I am and everyone else in the produce aisle is absolutely RIVETED by the details of your colonoscopy or about how your boyfriend slept with your sister, I think it's time ratchet the level down a few decibels. My ears and my sensibilities both thank you!

Nyxie Nyxie 51-55, F 95 Responses Aug 28, 2008

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This made me laugh so hard! Please start a blog or something.

People who use their cell phones in public deserve to get diarrhea. They'd be getting off easy in exchange for all the spiritual pollution they are guilty of.

I honestly believe that cellphones have made stupid people even more stupid. To amuse myself I've begun to collect and write down these overheard conversations, figuring Readers Digest might need material one day for their Life In the United States section.<br />
<br />
I'll tell two stories here.<br />
<br />
Incident #1<br />
<br />
The other day I'm waiting in line in a C-Store. Behind me is a young lady, in her 20's, on a cellphone, describing I presume a previous nights date. Everybody around gets all the details how the guy picked her up, this and that, the place they went too, yadda yadda, yadda. Then she mentions something about she thinks she forgot her favorite set of undergarments in the restaurant restroom. You could almost hear a pindrop, as the place got silent and the young lady must have come out of her trance by the silence and said oh my god I can't believe I just said that and promptly disconnected her cell. <br />
<br />
Incident #2<br />
<br />
I follow this gentleman into a discount store the other day. He's on a cellphone, obviously getting directions from someone on the other end as he askes "where are those located at now".<br />
<br />
He's headed in the same direction I am so I'm following him, we pass aisle attendent #1. <br />
<br />
"Well I don't see them here." (a pause) "I don't know where those are either." <br />
<br />
He continues walking. I have some time so I start 'stalking' this guy keeping about 10 feet behind him, just enough to keep overhearing the conversation curious to see where this is going to lead too. Meanwhile we pass aisle attendent #2. <br />
<br />
We end up in the pet food section of the store. <br />
<br />
"I'm at the pet food section." (pause) "Well I don't see a display." (pause) "Which way is south?" (pause) "ok.'<br />
<br />
We're headed in a new direction passing aisle attendent #3. <br />
<br />
I'm starting to laugh at the dumbness of what I'm witnessing and before I break down into hysterical laughter and somebody takes me away because they think I've lost it, I quit my surveillance of this person and head off to pay for my own purchases.<br />
<br />
I would think eventually the guy would realize the people wearing those little vests with name tags on them might have been able to help him out better than whoever was on the other end of the line, but for all I know he was probably wandering around the lady's clothing section still trying to figure out which direction south was.

I agree with much of what is being said. I always notice that, in a market for instance, this type of person seems to walk around in circles with an empty cart or carrying a basket, while we hear the details of their business plan or the date they had the night before. I once witnessed an older immigrant woman following her younger, female companion around in aisles while laughing on the phone. Finally, I couldn't take it, I asked her "Why are you making her wait while you do that?" Well, of course, she was appalled and began telling the person on the other end of her "outrage". An earlier time I also said something to a woman in a smaller store where everyone could hear her loudly going on and on. I suggested, "Maybe you could do that outside.." you would have thought I asked her to drive off a bridge.. she began yelling at me and following me around. Geez.. I am really not confrontational, but I guess, catch me in the right mood...

As the owner of a medical practice I am shocked at the lack of common courtesy when comes to cell phones. It's clearly posted in multiple locations in my office to refrain from using cell phones, most chose to just simply ignore it and then get totally offended when we politely ask them to shut it off. This is a medical practice, i have to protect my patients privacy and how can i do that when people sit in chairs screaming in their phones. I even had a man get so incensed at us asking him to take his phone conversation outside, that he called the police on us, the officer was clearly shocked and amused that he had to respond to the call. He told this man "it's clearly posted and this is a medical practice, I don't know any doctor's office that allows cell phone use" needless to say the police backed us up and the man left with an attitude.<br />
I also had a woman who had an appt at 11:00, while she was filling out her paperwork she had a very loud and crude conversation on her phone, she was telling the person on the phone how she had gotten an STD from a one night stand(including the disgusting details) and then proceeded to name who the guy was. I had an office full of patients that were all clearly shocked at her conversation. I politely went up to her and asked her to either turn off her phone or take it outside, she ended the conversation (after telling the person on the phone that I was being rude to her) she stomped out the door, so I followed her and said to her that first of all there is a NO CELL PHONE policy and that my entire office was subjected to her crude conversation, she tells me she wasnt talking that loudly SO I repeated verbatim her conversation, Needless to say she left, missing her appt. I might add that I heard this entire conversation from inside my lab 30 feet away! <br />
Everywhere I go anymore there is always someone who is having a loud obnoxious conversation, I am amazed at how many people give out their private information in public places, social security numbers, Credit card #, date of birth etc. If I was a criminal I would be in identity theft heaven! <br />
I need my cell phone, but I don't feel the need to be important and have my private life shouted out for the world to hear. One local restaurant has a sign posted "once you have finished your cell phone conversation, we will gladly serve you, in the meantime please step out of line so others can order" it's amazing how fast I can now order at this deli, because yes they do enforce their sign and I have seen many people end up embarrassed at their own rudeness!

lk, I am sorry that this happens to you so frequently. Anyone who does this to a service person is a giant ***. And doesn't deserve the rewards discount. In fact, they should have to pay extra.

I worked at Fred Meyer as a cashier, there are so many of these type of people. I am required to ask "do you have a rewards card?" they will be on their phone and shake their big heads (NO) so im all done, give them the total and cashed them out receipt prints they look at me and hand me their rewards card. Best part is when I explain to them they have to go to customer service desk to add their point they get rude and start talking under their breath. This happens at least 3 times a week.

@Princess: Thanks! :)<br />
<br />
@phoenix: His better half? You mean his ***?

This article is hilarious and so true..maybe the person wants people to hear them so they feel importan or maybe its because theyre deaf....

Oh, nice. :P I hate it when people are so wrapped up in their little life dramas that they can't take 5 seconds to look around and consider the feelings of other people, esp. kids.

Yea, I really just wanted to yell "Shut the "f" up!!" It was kind of a bad area though and sometimes people like that are just waiting for you to say something so they can harrass you beyond belief. It's a control thing, and I avoid confrontations at all costs. What really bothered me is that there were 3 little girls no older than 7 or 8 with them and he was dropping the f-bomb like every 5 words. I feel sorry for those kids. At least they have each other. I was terrified at that age when adults would curse, even if it wasn't directed toward me.

I wasn't even there and I'm exhausted, drowningfish! Evading these types is obviously a challenge. I would have loved to have been there had you cursed this nitwit out, though.

Goodness, that happened to me on the train yesterday. Given it is-a train- and you have to talk loud even to hear someone right there with you. This dude though, he was screaming every word, the person he was talking to was not nearly as annoying as he was, and he still heard her perfectly. Then, when someone called him, it seems like he got louder. I was ready to yell obscenities at him, so I had to change cars. At the next stop, I ran to the next car. It was quiet, everyone was reading, I'm like aaaahhhh.... Then, I realized I dropped the library book I was attempting to read, I looked back, and it was on the car I ran away from! So I had to run back to the car, grab the book, act all cool till the next stop came, and then run back to the quiet car. I was really about to curse him out though, seriously.

Amen, BunBun. (Sorry for the PunPun! :D) At least now with texting, people aren't yammering into their phones in public as much as they used to. You're kind of screwed, though, because this person lives with you. My condolences!

Oh god someone who lives with us does this every single day and the walls are paper thin so I can hear every word. Some of us don't want to hear a boring conversation about church gossip.

That's funny, Humming. An exaggerated take on an all-too-common annoyance!

there used to be this show called trigger happy tv. It was sort of like sketch comedy except in public and you get to see people's reactions. One of their favorites was taking a HUGE cellphone and walking around screaming into it as loudly as possible in elevators or restaurants etc. while it would be extremely annoying in real life, few things make me laugh harder on a television.

I'm guessing that guy not only beat the rap, but got some kind of commendation as well...

Well,I think it went to court,which is why it made the news.<br />
Don't ask me which way it went,but if it were left for a jury to decide...

There must be some special legal dispensation for people trapped with a cell-phone screamer on a train, ND. It's cruel and unusual punishment!

I have some sympathy for the man who suffered in silence during a long train journey,then finally snapped,grabbed the offending cell and threw it out of the window...

Thank you, SeriouslyLife.

I am in complete agreement! Great story!

stupidityreigns...I like your style, sistah!

this is why I have a cell phone jammer- made many a dinner much more relaxing. I listen a bit, make sure its not OMG your child is hurt kind of call, then turn it on. once they hang up/put it away? turn it off.

*Shouts into his phone* <br />
"I don't like it when people shout in their phone!! "

Remind me to never sneak up behind you, WM. Or mess up your fries order.

I know what you mean, Nyxie. I don't wish to sound like a paranoid psychopath, but I usually have a knife hidden on me somewhere.

@Pedro - Everyone has a story like this, don't they? It's crazy-making.<br />
<br />
@Faucon - Thanks! I remember doing that as a kid. Remember how loud you'd have to yell for it to work? <br />
<br />
@WildMagic - Cell phone screamers have by no means cornered the market on rudeness. Three cheers for you for confronting them. You are a braver woman than I. There was a local news story last week about two people at a McDonald's who beat up a guy standing in line behind them who had asked them to stop swearing loudly at the counter people who had messed up their order. Makes me afraid to leave the house sometimes. :/

I find cellphone screamers the most annoying in restaurants and bookstores. There you are, trying to enjoy a peaceful meal or a good book and a cup of coffee, and some attention-seeking hair-brain starts shouting at the top of their lungs about their cheating insignificant other and their recent tonsillectomy. I mean, do people really not notice when the entire room starts casting irritated glares their way? I suppose to some bad attention is better than no attention.<br />
<br />
Worse still are the ones who shout conversations back and forth across a room. Is it really too difficult to move to the same table? I was in McDonald's recently and these two women began having a very loud, <b>very</b> graphic conversation about giving birth. Don't misunderstand me, I see the beauty in the Goddess's gift as much as any other woman, but when someone uses the phrase "I was soooo wide!" and "there was blood all over the place!" it's time to stop. I have to admit, I was rather rude when I confronted them, but I think I made my point. :)