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I'm the kind of person who just says "hello" or "good morning" if I ever pass anyone on the sidewalk or street, stranger or not. It bugs me so much when the passing person doesn't say anything back. Especially when there's almost no way that they didn't hear me or when they just look at me without saying anything back. How hard is it to just say one word? Just a "hi" or something. 

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I have to agree with this. I'm a friendly person as well, and frequently say "Hi" - I'm not a "Hello" type of person, and very often get no reply. The odd thing is that men usually will reply, or at least nod their head, and women is about 50/50.

I always say hi...coz i love it...easy word..feel super

Society as a whole does not encourage friendliness on the street. Most of us are so brainwashed we think if we're nice to someone randomly it must mean we want to ****.

I have to admit, I don't always say hi. I grew up in a town where people didn't do that. Where I live now, everyone says hi, even when they are going by in their car. I'm still not used to it.