So Many to Choose From

I am so glad I found this site!  I thought I had a lot of pet peeves, I'm so glad to hear other people are super annoyed too!

That being said, here are  few I can think of off the top of my head:

Loud Chewing, or chewing of squishy sounding things...disgusting!

People who don't use turn signals

People who use bad grammar on simple phrases... if I know the person well enough, I will correct them, just ask my friends! :)

People who don't proof read their posts on sites like this or other places where you post things, it only takes a second to figure out you typed "ir" when you meant to type "it"!  (that goes for emails too)

Not closing drawers, doors, turning lights off, etc...finish what you started/return it the way you found it!

People who talk excessively loud...I'm a quiet person and when I have to work with someone or spend time with someone who speaks at above normal decibles, I just want to shoot myself!  I have to distance myself from that person and it makes me just all the more quieter, as if the loud and quiet have to balance at all times.  haha

People who try to argue with me about my beliefs.  You have your beliefs and that's great, I may not agree with them, but I respect you for them.  You don't have to always critisize me for not eating meat or trying to recycle or whatever else it is I do that you don't like.

Whoa...that's more than I planned to write, but it feels good to get that off my chest!  Thanks for listening, if you made it this far! :P



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loud usually means someone has something to prove. many quiet people don't give a **** if your dumb *** doesn't understand them. I try to listen to the message. I'll humor people who are obsessed with displaying their "confidence" because those people will also try to trip you up in order to prove themselves. It's kind of like using someone's own momentum against them.

Okay gah. Loud doesn't mean confidence. I have some friends that just talk LOUD. They're no more confident than anyone else. Geez.

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Loud chewing is annoying, but to be fair, the fact you're worrying about it for a lot of people would just be more reason to now chew with your mouth open and only your teeth touching said squishy. That's just gross.<br />
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Not using turn signals is not a pet peeve. It is dangerous as **** and those people are risking you and everyone around you's lives. Its not just "rude" if ******* scary.<br />
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is someone misspelling things so consistently that you feel the need to care about the occasional typo? Maybe you may want to evaluate the kinds of people you are talking to on the internet. If they're a good person anyways, let ir go.<br />
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drawers, doors, lights and stuff like that is second nature to me. If my roommate forgets that kind of thing I just do it on the way by. No reason to cry about it.<br />
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Loud = confidence. I have never met a quiet person that's sure of themselves or a loud person that questions themselves. Granted it doesnt mean either direction is being realistic. Just because you're loud and confident doesnt mean you're right.<br />
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Your beliefs are yours and your only. Its no one's place to challenge them if it doesnt make any difference. **** it, be a vegetarian, means meat is cheaper for me.

Ditto about the loud thing. My mom talks like she shouts. She's not deaf or anything, that's just how she is. Still annoys the heck out of me. <br />
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I also hate it when people don't close the door when they were the last to enter a room.

Listening to other people eat crunchy foods really gets on my nerves. For this reason, I will not eat crunchy foods in public. I agree with you about the loud talkers. <br />
About the proof thing, you misspelled criticize. You only did that to prove a point, right! = )

Ooo I really agree with the loud talking thing.