People Who Don't Clean Up After Their Dogs

I walk my dog frequently thoughout the day, and few things infuriate me more than having to side-step piles of other dogs' poo that some rude, inconsideration dog-owner was too lazy to clean up! You know, what your dog does in your yard is your business, but when it comes to a public park or SIDEWALK (believe me, I've seen it ALL), PICK IT UP!!! I am still waiting to catch someone in the act so I can pick it up, follow them home, and deposit it on their front porch. "Hey, you forgot something back there!" :D

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Made me laugh to think you laughed! I needed that! LOL

"Movement"?? Mox! That was SO bad! ROFL!!

Yea for the state of Maine - maybe a movement to get this going in all states is in order? Pun intended.

I actually had a next door neighbor was an elderly man and walk to my back yard with his dog and let his dog do his business. My girlfriend had a dog and just took care of it.

HA! YES! They're very stealthy about it, though. It's almost as if they know they're going to get it back if you catch them! :D

I am fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood that most all of the people, do pick up their doggie poo. <br />
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But, it does tick me off when I find the occasional doggie poo in the front yard. If I knew which dog have left his "calling card" on my lawn, it would be "bagged up" and tied with a big ribbon and deposited on their owners front porch!

And speaking of dookie bags (and we were, weren't we?)...<br />
<br />
Up in Maine, where I was at the beach this past week, they have the very sensible practice of placing dispensers of dog poop pickup bags in many of their public areas. While we were there, I snagged a few, because as anyone with a large dog will tell you, one can NEVER have enough poop bags...especially if one's dog has been eating popcorn or pizza crusts. (Don't ask.)<br />
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However, the state of Maine's sensible endeavor to keep their state free of dog poop doesn't end there. On the bags themselves, I later saw, are graphic instructions of HOW TO PICK UP THE POO WITH THE BAG. (And in the immortal words of Dave Barry, I am NOT making this up.) Picture one: Hand placed in bag. Picture two: Hand with bag shown approaching dookie. Picture three: Dookie in bag, neatly tied for disposal. Actually, I'm kind of glad they supplied these important instructions, because I've often found myself standing over a fresh pile of poo, wondering whether I should just pick it up with my hand and deposit in a bag, or what. Thanks, state of Maine! :D

LMAO! XD As always, Senor El Lagarto, you are totally ON IT! Thanks for making my morning!

Around here, in the "shrub-burbs", people have become well-trained. I go out for walks a lot, and invariably I see them with their dogs, and their little plastic bags. I mean, dude, that's dookie you're carrying!<br />
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It has always struck me as an exquisite, "walking" metaphor for life itself. In order to be a good, responsible person; you really do HAVE TO DEAL WITH YOUR SH*T.

Good for you, Willsgirl! And thanks for the excellent suggestion. I'm going to Petsmart today and will check this out.

I have this nifty little dispenser on my dog's leash that has a roll of bags in it. it isn't that hard to pull one out and pick up the poo when it happens. no one should be subjected to the landmines left behind by other's refusal to clean up after their own dog. I have been known to hand out these little poop bags when I see someone about to leave it behind. the look on their face is priceless but not one has refused to take the bag. the darn dispenser was only five dollars at the pet store and the refills are even cheaper. buy one please!

Hahaha I would love to do that to someone.

Excellent point, JackGrey. I try to re-use those biodegradable shopping bags whenever I can, but it isn't always an option. The diodegradable bags made for scooping tend to be expensive. But you're is the responsible thing to do.

I'm just thinking of all those little time capsules in the landfill. There must be a more ecofriendly way to dispose of it...

Hanging it up is a fairly common sight would you believe!!!!

Yes I know its a very nasty bug toxocaria ???? I've suddenly forgotten the name~ is that right??! ....can cause blindness, not to put too fine a point on it! Thank goodness she is now 23 and fine....but it was such a well used alley by all the little children....

What happened to that poor little kid was not only disgusting but downright dangerous! Not to get too graphic, but the bacteria and such lurking there is especially not good for children! And hanging it is just plain weird. Like the poo fairy is going to come by and pick it up. I wonder if they come back looking for a quarter? :D

Eeewwwww this has always been an annoyance of mine too! I have occasionally plucked up courage to say something, but was met with such rudeness it put me off, so content myself with an evil glare these days!!! lol Thank goodness things ARE improving around here with more specially designated poo bins. A favourite place for them to *go* was along the alleyway that led to my daughters' infant school.....the first day one of them started she had stepped in the stuff which ended all up her new trainers, and into her sock!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!<br />
Another really silly thing is now that it is un-PC to leave dog poo lying , some no-brainers bag it up then hang the bag in a bush or the hedge!!!!!

Ugh! Isn't it just the epitome of rude, shedevil??? I hope you do catch that jerk in the act and call the ranger on him, and that he gets a big fat fine!