This Stuff Will Make Me Blow My Top!

I've got some minor pet peeves but I have two "BIG" ones.  You can tell me to be quiet, hush up, etc., but if you tell me to "shut up", I'll just about fight you.  Those two words used together are just about the rudest thing you could say to me.  I'll end a conversation, an evening and have ended a friendship over the use of that phrase. 

My other monster sized pet peeve is when someone plans my time without consulting me.  You may do it once, but you won't do it twice to me.  The only time you are allowed to make plans for me is if you are paying my salary.

Peabody Peabody
51-55, F
3 Responses Jul 9, 2007

LOL the second happens all the time to me also but kids are getting older so its getting better!!

I don't mind the first one if it's said in fun in my circles, but if a man said it to me in a misgynistic way then I'd cut his balls off (figuratively speaking). The second one happens all the time. I tolerate it it. Hey, they're my kids.

Yes two good ones, I'm with you there