Just got a comment on one of my pet peeves and I was responding to her comment I thought of another..... when you get a solicitation in the mail asking ,OK sometimes begging for money, now think about this, these people are asking you for money and they don't have the decency to give you the credit for knowing how much you can afford!

$5.00___$10.00___$15.00___OTHER___ Give me a break!!!!! if we are not smart enough to know how much we can afford then Why do they expect us to be smart enough to write a check...

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Thank you for your comment, I would prefer donate what you can. or any time you can spare. Putting the different money options is a total turn off to me.. It may be just me, but so be it..


Glad I'm not the only one that this bothers.. I never give them what they ask for always a dollor off, I just like screwing with them..... 8-}

Wow, Your right! I never thought about that in depth. I hope other people see it this way too!

(LOL!) do they think were stupid???<br />
More than likely!!!<br />
I was on the suppernatural website the other day and it toldme i was the 999th visitor, and to clik here to collect 2000, with bank acc details i kept ignoring the msg and it wldnt go away, but i thght it was a "con",<br />
so as i said ignored it.<br />

OOOOOOO! That was a GOOD one! =}