CELL Phone Abusers - Pet Peeve #1

If it is one thing that gets my dander up, it is cell phones. I loathe cell phones, actually, it’s the abusers of cell phones.  I am probably being overly sensitive, but I can’t stand listening to loud, lengthy conversations, presumably to oneself as I cannot hear who they are talking to on the other end. It’s absolutely infuriates me to listen to a complete stranger announce too all those around them complain about their job, their period, the husband/wife, the kids etc etc. The worst abusers are the men who wish to prove to those around them how much bigger of a man they are bragging about their bank account, sexual prowess, or how drunk they got the previous night. Who the F cares? Really, it’s really unimportant to everyone but the caller.  I used to wish evil things upon such people. Really, when I am annoyed and provoked I am not so nice. One man would not shut up no matter how often I told him to please keep his voice down. He did not care until I wished testicular cancer upon him and his future generations. He finally hung up his phone and therein ensued a fierce verbal argument that nearly came to blows. Luckily the train conductor prevented it from escalating to physical violence. I long ago realized it was perhaps unkind to wish ill will upon people and these days  I usually combat rabid cell phone abusers by having an out loud full-fledged conversation with myself. My usual topics of self conversation are about UFO’s, Alien Abductions, or the Alien Implant in my head. This sure raises some eyebrows. Once, some random jerk having a lengthy and drawn out BS Session about his golf game, had the audacity to ask me to stop talking to myself as he was trying to have a conversation. I replied that I was too. He finally shut up. Believe me its not just random strangers who vex me with their specious BS, but my wife. She is by far, the planet’s #1 abuser of the cell phone. Arrrrrrrr, I am truly cursed.

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

I agree it's annoying, although I don't know if men do it more than women. Maybe men's topics are just more annoying.<br />
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Cell phone disruptors are for sale in the UK and they are illegal in America, but why let that stop you. I think they are pricey though. $500-$1200. They can supposedly cut off communication in an area like a Bus, for example.<br />
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A while ago NPR did a story on this topic. Some restaurant owners and movie theater owners line their walls with tin foil, which cuts off communication. They just need to post a sign, so that doctors with pagers are made aware of the situation.