Now I Will Give Them Their Shots

People who do not cover their mouthes when yawning.

Hats worn indoors.  (Baseball caps worn backwards - yikes!)

Personal space invasion by cell phone. 

All Eddie Murphy movies made after Beverley Hills Cop.

SUVs and other gas-guzzlers with one passenger.

"Support Our Troops" magentic ribbons.

The misogynistic and violent qualties of rap.

Campaign funding - the corruption of the electoral process. 

The phrase, "America is the greatest country in the world," especially when used by those who have never visited any other countries.

The idea that Kenny G is a jazz musician.

The arrogance of religious zealots.

The marketing ploys used by credit card companies, especially the return envelopes that come with an ad-cluttered extra flap you have to remove yourself.

Neighbors that allow their dogs to bark incessantly.

The word "like" - except when used to express favor.

Entitlement - in all its diverse manifestations.

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BLL & DANDY - What a GREAT idea for an experience group - go for it. (I) Am Not Proud To Admit I Own .......<br />
<br />
I'll volunteer a few. Big Hits of K.C. & The Sunshine Band. Michael Jackson - Off The Wall. Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick. Both of my Pink Martini CDs. <br />
<br />
Could be a REALLY funny one!

Wow, BLL, Dandy narked you out. That is definitely nasty.

Kleisse: Now I understand. Thank you for your comments.<br />
<br />
BLL: Kenny G. Life has so many cruelties, death, torture, war. But really, there should be a limit. How can we be expected to endure Kenny G?

I have come up with a list of my own. I was merely commenting on yours.

Kleisse: Then why not come up with a list of your own?

My brother once pointed out that this "look", if we can dignify it with such a lofty term, emerged from prison life. When your belt is removed, your pants droop. Since looking like a "gangsta" is hip, companies started making clothes that recreate that, "Look Ma, I just got out of the joint," effect. Pathetic, but true.

Eh. I don't really like your list... though I'm sure you don't care... A few I feel the same though.

I saw one the other day that really took first prize. It was all black, and in white letters it said, "Some *sshole Stole My Support Our Troops Ribbon"<br />
<br />
You gotta respect a sense of humor.

Don't be crewl<br />
To a hat that's kewl

yes... it takes work to be that kewl. And pet peeves are pets for a reason. Love them, fondle them, feed them, bathe them.

Yes, yes, this has all been very fascinating, but I have to go now and give my pet peeves a bath. Peeves need a lot of care to be healthy.<br />
<br />
(When I see a broad brimmed cap 3 sizes too big turned "askew" - about 2 o'clock - I just want to howl with laughter. Looking that stupid is not easy.

LOL. Y'all. Don't get into idioms, you loose a lot more. However El can keep up. <br />
The young whosis with the issue about "you people"... has a limited grasp of what a pet peeve is. Too bad... he obviously has a few of his own. Cell phones in public spaces where the person behaves as if everyone is ivisible and they are theonly one present. Yeah...that's rude. Hats indoors is rude, backs wards , sideways, and upside down...yes it can get you killed in the wrong place, but it has become a fashion statement meant to show "you be keeping it real"(twitch)<br />
I agree with most of them and probably all of the peeves, just perhaps would word them differently for myself. <br />
I'ts like my pet peeve of Urban Vernacular English:::twitch:::. wrong is wrong and the heck with the little egos. (my issue)

If you find me unpleasant to be around, be around someone else you DO consider pleasant. I'm sorry but I don't have the time to educate you.

Yes I am trying to talk you out of your pet peeves. You are creating stress for yourself. So long as you are stressed you are unpleasant to be around for everyone. Once you realize there's no point in complaining about such things, you can get on with your life and get to thinking about things that matter.

Ive been gettng a lot of empty criticism for my name recently. It is R-Pyromaniac. It means something. If you care, go look it up. <br />
<br />
How exactly is my points stupid? I can say you're stupid too for crying and bitching about things that dont affect your life in any way or form.<br />
<br />
If you're gonna attack me, at least have a valid point.

"you people are very hateful and spend a lot of time thinking about how others should act. What exactly does "freedom" mean to you people? is it just for you? why do you have to ***** about everything, does it make you happy? half of this list is just madness." I should be grateful for this. Nothing matches stupidity when it comes to providing a platform for a lively thread.

This is sad. You are trying to talk me out of my pet peeves. Tell you what, you learn how to spell "pyromaniac" and then get back to me. There's hope for you!

you people are very hateful and spend a lot of time thinking about how others should act. What exactly does "freedom" mean to you people? is it just for you? why do you have to ***** about everything, does it make you happy? half of this list is just madness.<br />
<br />
hats worn indoors? well, if I wear a hat to school or work or to a party or whatever, exactly where would you like me to keep it till I go outside again, my liege?<br />
<br />
Eddy murphy sucks now, let it go.<br />
<br />
gas guzzlers with one passenger is typically people with FAMILIES that dont need to take the whole family to work. Granted they should have thought of that, but that's kinda their problem.<br />
<br />
rap and campaign corruption are not "pet peeves" those are serious social issues that need to be dealt with.<br />
<br />
America #1 is only something used by people that arent paying attention. we used to be the best, now we're like 7-23 on all measurable qualities.<br />
<br />
Do you listen to jazz? Do you listen to kenny g? if you answered no to either of these questions, move on.<br />
<br />
Religious zealots/campaign corruption is the same issue. Write me if you need more info.<br />
<br />
I dont have a credit card and somehow I have no idea what you're talking about. Think about it.<br />
<br />
Like is also used a comparative word. apples are not like oranges.

Very well said Elgarto. I agree with you on each count.

I agree with "america is the best country in the world" pet peeve. I mean its okay to have an opinion but its awfully close minded to say that when you've never been to other countries. :D<br />
<br />
But I dont get the neighbors allowing their dogs to bark one. Dogs are dogs, its in their nature to bark and to say otherwise goes against nature :p. sorry. (I'd probably feel different about this when I'm up at 4 am, unable to sleep because the german sheppard next door is barking like theres no tomorrow)

I'm with you on about 90% of that list, adding to it "loud conservatives".

Right arm! Farm out! Boieeeeeeeeeeee.

Thats all about the mizzle shiznit, guys...<br />
word to your mother.

Agreed! What is THAT all about?

As ever - on the money. Your dog behaves as a good dog should. p.s. - You've inspired me to put up what is arguably my most popular poem - first published in Exquisite Corpse years ago. "When Good Dogs Go Bad." I'll put it on today's blog now. (It's particularly well suited to performing.)

John Tesh!!! Oh boy. He's up there with that nimrod from Knight Rider and Baywatch - who's so popular in Germany - mercifully I've forgotten his name. Shatner would have to be included as well. -- Celainn - I am totally down with the dea of a single woman feeling safer when she has a dog with a solid, convincing bark. That makes perfect sense to me. But what is gained when that dog is barking for half an hour when there's nothing unusual happening, only the nearby neighbors quietly enjoying yet another evening of translating Proust into Sanskrit?