My Dad's Deafness Is Driving Me Crazy

I love my parents, but good god, it bothers me to no end that they can't hear anything. As I type, my father is insulating our attic, and blaring the radio. Now, you might not think that's so bad. I'm a teenager, so why would loud music bother me? Because it's so freaking loud, I went to walk my dog and could hear the music even after I closed the door to our house and walked up the sidewalk a few paces.

And why won't he turn it down? He gets mad when anyone suggests he can't hear very well. Just asking him to turn down the volume on the TV a few notches is a personal offense.

And so here I am, sitting in my bedroom with the door closed and the television on, and the music sounds like I'm playing it right next to my head.

I'm going to go deaf because he is! Why cruel world, WHY????

ahobonamedmo ahobonamedmo
13-15, F
2 Responses Jan 3, 2010

that's EXACTLY what bothers me. i'll say something like "it's nice out" and then i have to say it like seven times, and i don't really care that much.

lol, don't you find it worse that you have to repeat every insignificant little comment 3 times because they're like "Pardon? Pardon??? Pardon???" and then by the third you're just so unenthusiastic about it because it wasn't worth repeating in the first place? My parents are the same way, haha