Two Faced People Are My Biggest Pet Peeve

and my family is full of two faced people. i hate talking to anyone of my family members, they are all too willing to talk sh-t about whichever relative is not around at the moment. i just know the second i'm gone, i'm the one they are talking about next. the only family member i can even stand to be around, besides my kids and husband, is my father. when we hang out we never mention the rest of the family, which is good, we both have an understanding about the way our family is. we cant change it, but if we around eachother we sure as hell dont discuss it. i avoid all family functions because of this. i hate being thrown into such a horrible atmosphere of backstabbing. i just dont understand it. how can you be so nice to someones face and so hurtful the second their back is turned. if i dont like someone, i just cut off all ties with them, kinda like i did with my family. its a much healthier decision, i think. i refuse to become like that.
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i'm sure the day will come when my kids no longer think i'm cool.....around the time when my daughters have

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i used to think my family was normal, like that was just how families were. until i met my husband. his family is far from perfect. they steal from eachother, do drugs, and most of them are homeless at times. but they really do love eachother. they take care of one another and always have eachothers backs. to me, that makes up for all the disfunction you see on the surface. at times i actually feel more at ease with the 'theiving crackheads' than i do my own family

Wow, that is intense. I never thought of familys being like that. Well, your experienceproject family won't backstab you either.