Patriotic, Christian and Proud


Patriotic, Christian, and Proud : Three Words That Make Me Want To Run For The Nearest Exit


When I hear, or read, those three words, particularly in one sentence, I just start looking for the nearest exit because I know from experience that there is no way to have a rational conversation with a person who manages to combine those three words in a phrase.

Because in that particular context , this trio roughly translated means the following:

Patriotic means : You are either with me or against me ( so there is no gray zone or room for conversation in that department if we slightly disagree)

Christian Means : My God is better than yours, period ( so there goes the chance of talking about different ways of understanding  spiritual life )

Proud Means : I am just a blind follower  who repeats whatever I have been told without any questioning or analysis ( so there goes the opportunity of having an intelligent debate ).


So, if you see me running for the nearest exit  keep those doors wide open because you´ll  know that I´ve  had an encounter with the magic three, which sadly do not mean I love you, but in most of the cases quite the opposite is true.

Scary to think, how very nice meaning words can take these  dark connotations when misunderstood.

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1 Response Feb 10, 2010

Human nature ? Unfortunately, Small minds need the walls of a small box.