I am sure you all have heard the following : " I am not a racist. I have a black friend ", or versions thereof, uttered as an excuse and an introduction to a racist tirade.

So, I have always wondered : What do these people expect us to do when they say things like "one of my best friends is black as they come" ?(as it was written here on another story).

Do they want us to clap ? Cheer ? Pat him in the back ?

Congratulate him for being so open minded as to have a black friend ?

Do they want medals for courage ?

What , What ?

I just know that when a person starts a sentence like that I am not going to like the ending.

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4 Responses Feb 17, 2010

As a young-well thirty-something black woman, I wonder if I myself am racist. I live in a bad predominately black neighborhood. Sometimes when I see white people in my neighborhood or on a city bus past a certain point, I wonder if they are just in the area to buy drugs. That's horrible, I know. This comment made really explore my own prejudices. I hate all the racial terms-African this, the whole well uumm- they look asian or hispanic "of some sort" crap. I was born here in the United States. Honestly I would rather be called a "United States-ian". All those labels are just segregating us even more and keeping the past alive. Come on people... seriously.

yea i agree dude, i dont like the begining of sentences like that, in turn it usually show that have an attidude that moreso shows their ignorance, like my ex bf dad said this, im mixed but none the less was ticked off..i would never let my son date a black girl, so dont get me wrong im not rascist i have black friends its just.....that ****** me off..everyone is prejiduce but not everyone is rascist

yep, they want you to give them accolades and say "oh yeah, no you're not a racist at all..." truth to be told, everyone is somewhat racist, it comes down to the littlest things that you do/think....although in your head you might not think that you are. yay, for living in an alternate reality.

Agreed. A peeve of mine too. :-/