My Rat Passed Away :(

My rat Sugar passed away on tuesday from a tumor. I had just taken her to the vet three days before because her appetit had weakened and she had a spontaneous case of mites. She also looked more bloated than usual. I cried from the house all the way to the vet's office, where I waited for God knows how long just to have the doctor tell me she had a tumor. I was so shocked since she seemed fine only a few days before. The doctor told me there was nothing they could do to cure it, and if I wanted to put her down that day he wouldn't charge me. Of course I declined that offer since I sure as hell was not ready to just let her go then and there. So I took her home then went out and bought treats, new bedding, spray to kill the mites and a small comb for her. Once I fixed her up in my room she seemed better than before. She ate super well and she drank water like she normally did. I periodically combed her to get rid of the mites and tried to make her feel as comfy as possible. Still, knowing she was sick killed me on the inside and I cried a lot. The night before she passed, I had a feeling she was not going to make it through the night, since when I tried giving her her water bottle, she was not near as enthused as she usually was. I picked her up and told her how much I loved her and set her back down gently. The next morning my baby was gone :( It was one of the most heart-breaking days of my life. I loved her soooo much and wish she was still with me. I feel though that it was my destiny to have her. I received her last year when my dad brought her hom from work. She had been left in a cage for almost a week with a snake that didn't eat her, then she was put out in a field at my dad's work for the hawks to eat, but she wasn't. My dad's friend went out there and she came right up to the guy. He showed my dad and he took her home for me to have. My God I miss her so much :(
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What a moving story, and what a lucky ratty girl she was to end up with you as a mommy. I'm really sorry for your loss. RIP Sugar.