I Love Rats!

I got my two boy rats about two months ago and I love them! I read about rats before getting them and they sounded so perfect- people say a dog is a man's best friend but they were forgetting about rats!

There's so much prejudice against rats but they are the most loveliest creatures, each with its own unique personality. They are so affectionate and clever and they make the perfect little pets.

My mum was against me buying rats (believed the incorrect things people say about them like they're dirty, they smell, they bite) but once I brought them home she's totally fallen under their charm! :D

I just wish their lifespan was longer so we could spend more time together. It's made me sad to think I will have to say goodbye to them someday :(
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1 Response Oct 19, 2010

Hi, you are right, my sister has raised white rats around all 4 of her boys and there has never been a problem! Enjoy!