Anyone Have Any Rat Questions?

I am sure that I am not the most rat-knowledgeable person on the group, but I have a very boring few days ahead of me, so would like to offer my services :)

I started keeping pet rats in 1997 when my bestfriend and I shared a house at university. Our first rats came from a boy who had mis-sexed rats, and inadvertently ended up with something like 50 rats. He again mis-sexed them when giving them to us, so our first experience of rats was .... traumatically interesting. Looking back I realise that she and I made some really rookie mistakes with those two rats. I cringe to think about it ... but it is so hard to get it right when information is so hard to come by.

A few years down the line I was asked to take 30 rats from someone I knew from a forum. Social Services wouldn't allow her children back in her house while she still had the rats. So, I went and picked up what I had been told was 30 rats. When I got home and counted them there were 59. Three days later there were 89; three of them had given birth. So, I started rehoming rats. And once people get wind of you rehoming rats, you get given more to rehome. This, as far as I was concerned, was no trouble; I loved every single one that came through my door.

I have seen some really really nasty situations. I've held rats in my hands as they died moments after I collected them from someones house. I've had rats born in my hands too. I've sat up all night nursing rats, as many of you have I suspect. But ... I had to cease running the rescue, because my health was once again decreasing and I couldn't keep up with all that it entailed.

And then worse, my (now ex) husband made me rehome my own pet rats so that we could sell the house. Three of my babies are still alive and living with a close friend of mine. I miss them very much.

So, if anyone thinks I may have any knowledge to impart, please do ask away :)
BlueberryMunchkin BlueberryMunchkin
31-35, F
Sep 22, 2011