Love Rats

i had fancy rats for about 4 years, then i moved in with someone with cats so decided wasnt best to buy any new ones, but best pets ever! down side is they dont live long......
kittypaws1 kittypaws1
1 Response Sep 23, 2011

Yeah, it is sad that they are so short lived. I'm glad you had the experience of having them in your life though, as you can tell people how great they are :)<br />
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Keeping rats never stopped me having a cat. Only the one mind you. We never left her unattended with rats, and for the most part would not have rats out if she was in the room. My own pet rats (as opposed to the rescues) lived in a free range room in our house. Sometimes one would get out and wander around a bit ... our cat was actually scared of the rats ... probably because they were confident animals and didn't run away from her. I'm definitely not advocating letting cats and rats mix though, as most cats are better predators than my silly thing.