That's one of the reactions I get when I tell people that I have a pet rat and it happens quite alot too. I am a dog walker/petsitter so new clients always ask "What do you have at home?!" And that's when I tell people about my beloved Pipsqueak aka Pippy- Rat! The reaction is always the same it's "Eww" (Usually from my friends who eventually have their fingers tested out by the lil guy) or I get the "Confused" look. Is it really that surprising that I have a pet rat?I guess it is. People always think I have a pet dog and I would love to have one but I can't due to the fact that I have no room, time or money for a dog. I do have plenty for my little Pippy though. It wasn't always just the two of us too. We had the PEW brothers Master Splinter and Marshmelon who eventually passed on to old age. :( (RIP fluff balls) Due to the fact that Pippy started pinning down Melon when he was just a month old (Versus Melon who was a year to his senior) and constantly harassing and sassing his uncle, we decided it would be best to leave Pip as a single. Sucks but he has quite a temper! I love my pet rats and wouldn't trade them for the world!
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My brothers and sister and I all had pet white rats when we were growing up. Sometimes we would let them run around the house. We had an old refrigerator that they could get under and it was warm from the motor running. We would always find them there curled up and sleeping.

Thats the reaction of the women in my CNA class are like too. (Most of them are a good 10 years older than me..) I had 2 women straight out say that I was probably carrying around a disease. Even AFTER I told them that I took my boys to NYC to get checked up by the vet. ( I live in NJ and there are no exotic/bird vets around here. While most of the animal vets here know what to do with a bunny they would have no idea how to go about anything regarding a rat. So I take the boys into an exotic animal hospital in NYC.. long trip but the Doctor knows what she's doing!) Very frustrating to explain to people.. :/

It upsets me when people are mean to rats :/ my brother told my grandma I had a pet rat and she said "That's disgusting. Those things bite and have diseases. Who would want that in their house? We used to 'take care' of them when I was growing up, we'd never keep them as PETS." It made me so mad! Especially now after my baby Cooper Mcgee died, [it was a really tragic death and it tears me apart] when I think of his cute little face and silly antics, how he'd run after me when I'd walk out of the room, and how she would've just exterminated him, it makes me hate her and anybody else who thinks that way a little bit.

Wow you have pet rats I always wanted to have a pe rat but my parents wouldn't even allow me to raise one. the only thing that had kept me entertain was feeding the squirrels at my backyard. I don't really see rats as a pest seems I adore rats I want them in my house and treat them like a pet. Anyway your lucky I can't even buy one seems I having trouble paying off my internet bills lol

I don't begrudge people a slight "ewww" reaction upon hearing that I have rats for pets. The majority of people are just simply unaware that there are domesticated rats that make excellent pets. They may also not like the squeaking noises of rats or the naked, scaly tail. People are pretty much taught by society to not like rats in the same way they are taught to not like wasps: as troublesome creatures. Wasps sting, and rats bite, chew through electrical cords and contaminate food, etc. etc.. But most people are also willing to hear about and look at pictures of pet rats and sometimes they say, "Hmmm, not as bad as I thought." I have seen people who've been exposed to my rats, such as at the vets or on the bus to the vets, who clearly never before had a thought about rats that wasn't negative, but were charmed by my rats. You just have to educate people and gently challenge their "ewww" reaction and often people can be surprisingly good about it.

When Splinter passed on Melon was devastated. Melon was a glutton.. I mean like a HUGE glutton. He used to always somehow have a piece of food near him or be fighting with his brother for a nibble. He even had the audacity to use my at the time boyfriend as a bathroom and run back to snuggle with me and then return again on my ex when nature called. He was such a bad boy! He went into a huge depression stage after Splinter died. I was expecting it as I had read up on what happens when you have a "bonded pair" I read that they could be mopey for a while. Up to two weeks or so. Melon went on for over a month. It wa heartbreaking to watch Splinter seize and die in my arms but it was even more heart breaking to see Melon just huddled in his house barely taking interest in any of his favorite (and might I add fatty) human delicacies. My ex and I finally decided that maybe a little baby would be suitable for Melon. While Melon and Pip did play and eventually become good friends he never was the same and after Pip came into the pack Melon left us to join Splinter across Rainbow Bridge.. I miss my little boys so much :( I'm lucky that Pippy is a 1.5 years old and still looking active and healthy. It sucks that they have such short life spans though :((

Haha! I had four brothers myself. They were the most michievios pets I've ever had! But they were awesome. We rigged a massive cage for them in the office where they could come and go as they pleased. I would be on the computer and one would always end up on my shoulder. I got the same reaction when I told people I had pet rats. It was sad though because they loved each other so much that when the first one died the others didn't stay long :( They are fun little critters if you have the patience for them. RIP Bart, Homer, Milhouse and Digger.