Happy Ending

I had the sweetest little girl albino rat that someone could ever have. I would let her run around the apartment and she would always come back when I called her name. When she was running around, she would sometimes drop by and steal a tacito from my plate.
Well, since rats have good depth perception, I would let her run around on the porch out side too. One day, she fell of. My dad told me about this a week later, so we assumed that she was dead.
I was downstairs talking to a neighbor girl that same week later, and she said she had seen a rat, but didn't think that anyone owned it her. She showed me the place where she had seen my girl. Of course, she wasn't there. But suddenly, a few minutes later, I had the strongest feeling to look again, and there she was!!
I was the happiest person. My little girl didnt run away when I pIcked her up, in fact, she sat on my shoulder and kissed my ear as if to say, " it's about time!"
She drank water for about 10 minutes straight and had a little limp for a few days, but other than that she was fine. I still don't know how she survived, te downstairs neighbors had two dogs and a cat.
She was alive for 2 more years before she died of ear ache, but this is the story I remember.
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She had a good and long life, as far as rats go. I agree with thyla that female PEWs are the sweetest. Me and my wife have had several over the years and they were all so heartbreakingly lovable.

Female PEWs are the best i recon, i had a female like that and she was a hopeless at being a mother but she was the best to talk to and was sooooooo friendly. <br />
I miss her deeply and would love to get a PEW female again. <br />
Your story reminds me of her.