God's Gift

I miss all 5  of my rats more than my dogs.2 years ago 1 at a time Benny girl bald rat ,Caramel one of 2 sister female hoodies, i saved from being petshop snakefood, and BANDIT the other sister ,I lost in a 2 month span.They all developed tumors. Caramel was first and  it cost $350.00 to remove.then tthe other 2 developed.I had them 3 years .Benny I found hanging on the side dead.Caramel I just found and bandit used to lift up her tumors on her neck to drink or come to me.She fought death.I looked online to help her .it was pathetic.I finally gaveher morphine and held her til death.Iwant another female but the tumors are devastating.I still cry for my babies.When they have a Longer living rat I'll be inline.Can you have a female that don't get tumors.

                                                    bandits mommy
banditsmommy banditsmommy
Jun 1, 2012