My Alphabet Rattery

My sister orignally started our Rattery, and we have had many pet rats and litters over the past 4 1/2 years.
We have just started breeding downunders and chocolates and we're soooooooo excited.
My own rats within our rattery are
Zita - who thinks she is a princess and squeaks everytime you touch her but she loves a hug
Freya - who is very gentle and talks all the time
Gizmo - who talks all the time and is very annoy
Eli - he is small for is age and loves talking and bouncing around
and Rukorua - my oldest rat has bonded with my dog and it's quite cute, after i washed him he snugged up into Merlin's tail (my dog) and slept.

But that's just my rats
thyla thyla
18-21, F
Jun 17, 2012