My First At 14

I got my first pet rat when I was 14. She was large, pure white (not an albino), and had the sweetest disposition. She was the second animal that I ever loved.
I used to come home from school, put my books down on my bed, and go straight to her. She would ride on my shoulder, squeaking and chittering in my ear while I grabbed us both an after school snack. I had my desk set up so that she could run from my desk to her cage and back. She never made a mess on my desk or my shoulder.
She was so kind and cute that my mother, being an atypical woman, didn't like rodents of any kind and yet she still fell in love with her in time. My dad, due to life experiences was afraid of rats, yet even he fell for her. I will never forget her and how much I loved her.
lyricaldemise lyricaldemise
41-45, T
Sep 16, 2012