R.i.p Miss Abbey Mae

In february of 2011 around valentines day a friend of mine rescued a small baby rat from a pet store. She was a feeder rat so i was happy my friend saved a life for 8$. She called me and said i could have her. My mom and i drove to her house and she handed me a paper bag with a little scared rat in it. At first i thought she was sick because she was breathing hard. But she was just scared.
I took her home and got a old tubaware my mice used to be in and that was her house. She eventually got a better cage. She was so curious and friendly. I didnt want her around my other rats because i was afraid she'd get hurt. My rat Belle, at the time, didnt like mice so i was scared she would hurt Abbey because she was small. I grew so attatched to Abbey she never went to the othe rats cage. My rat Mew was friendly so i'd let them play on my bed sometimes, and Abbey didnt know what to do. She was a mommas rat and was spolied.
Abbey never got to be a very big rat, the smallest iv'e had. She would lick me and when i scratched her she would hold still, like she was frozen, but comfy :)
Around 6 monthes later my mom and I rescued a german shephard from an animal shelter in Corona, CA. Her name was macy and was supposed to be her dog, but attached to me. Macy was always around me, which meant she was around Abbey too. Macy never tried to hurt her, she would "herd" her around. She would follow her and watch her. All i had to do was say "wheres abbey mae!?" and that dog would find her anywhere. Macy was her babysitter.
Yesterday, 11-16-12, Abbey passed away. She had what i thought was a tumor, which was the cause of death in most of my rats. Except abbeys never grew big, it was a small lumpy spot above her tail. It got worse. She would chew and scabs grew over it. I tried everything to save her. I'll never forget how much iv'e cried over her. And i wish i'd done more to help her. On my way home, I had seen a rainbow near my house before i knew she had died. I then remembered the poem "Rainbow Bridge" about animals passing away. And i can only hope to see my little princess again.
Macy still thinks Abbey is here, Her cage is still untouched, and i still say wheres abbey mae and that dog still runs over there looking for her.

EDIT: My foster dog, Gracie was just in my room and she was staring at the ground near the bottom of my desk next to my bed. Her ears were perked up was slightly barking at something, nothing was there. I'm pretty sure Abbeys ghost is visting me. I know that sounds weird to some of you. But it made me feel better.
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I am sorry to hear about your loss. I love animals. I had mice, rats, lizards & up to pigs, goats, & horses. I also rescue dogs & have 18 at this time. You are a great person, I love what you do. Please get over your loss & then go & try to help other animals that need you. Thank God there are people like you in the world.

Thank You. My family rescues alot of animals. I think they know it too because they love us until the second they pass away.

Mine too ! You are good people.