My Hairless Rat, Paul.

Before I got Paul, I never knew there were hairless rat. Then my beloved hamster, Panda Bear, died of old age and I decided to get another. But when I was looking at the little critters I saw Paul and I was curous and just had to hold him. Once he was in my arms I just fell in love with him instantly. Nobody in my family likes him and they all think he is ugly, but to me he just a lovable, smart guy and that's all that counts, is if i like him.

sissyanne18 sissyanne18
1 Response Mar 2, 2009

I think that is so cool! I used to have hampsters and a couple years back went into a pet store and saw these absolutely adorable baby rats! Now, you goota realize something about me. I hate spiders, bee's and not terribly fond of snakes though I have owned a couple. My son thought I was just kidding and DARED ME to hold one. I did better. I bought two females and I love them! I bought a couple more after that and unfortunately my 2 original have died. I still havent found a store with hairless rats but if I do, you better believe 2 will be comming home! People have no idea how smart rats really are! We have a 55 gallon cage that we have added on an upstairs for them...bought a set up at store. Going to work on building a 3 floor cage this spring for them.