I Have 4 Rats

I just had my 21st bday on august 1st and i thought i would get me a friend or should i say 4 lol. so i got my first rat, Jack, but then the next day i thought he should have a friend so i got Remy. then a week later i built them a big cage then thought he how bout 2 more so then i got Pearl and Angel. they are really fun, just babies right now but they are growing, i would like to have someone to talk to that has rats too.
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4 Responses Aug 15, 2007

I guess i have more than you :) my family and i own a rattery and we have 10 rats and 3 litters 2 on the way. <br />
They all have very different personalities and we love them all.

We have 3 huge boy rats and 2 little girl ones....the girls tend to be more social and loving. They are awesome! i cant believe how clean and smart they are!

I'm glad you got your first rat some friends! I've had rats before, and when one dies, I feel so bad for the other one... I think they're very social creatures (so I've read, and so it seems, the way they curl up together at night...) They make great pets. Way to go!

when I was a kid, my best friend had a pet rat for a couple years. I loved him, he was awesome! If I ever get pets once I'm living on my own, there's a good chance they'll be rats.