I Have 4 Rats

I just had my 21st bday on august 1st and i thought i would get me a friend or should i say 4 lol. so i got my first rat, Jack, but then the next day i thought he should have a friend so i got Remy. then a week later i built them a big cage then thought he how bout 2 more so then i got Pearl and Angel. they are really fun, just babies right now but they are growing, i would like to have someone to talk to that has rats too.
womenofsteele womenofsteele
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2 Responses Aug 15, 2007

For real, rats breed real quick, you might want to consider either getting the females fixed, or having all same sex in the cage. But rats are cool. I like them. Never had them, though I know people who have.

What are you going to do if Jack meets Pearl? you could end up with 400!