I Lost My Darling Pet Rat "SPIRIT" Last Night

Dear fellow RATLUVORS,

I have 5 girls now, & lost SPIRIT last night from a tragic accident.  The guilt is eating away at me.  I recently allowed my rats to run free in my home along with my 7 cats.  I actually found it entertaining, exciting to watch those loving little creatures destroy my house....LOL....Well SPIRIT had to be the most enlightening special rat I will ever have.  To start with she followed my like a shadow around the house, ate with me, slept with me, harrassed the cats, used the cats liter box etc.  The tragedy is last night my friend was over hanging a light fixture & needed something from my garage & in a hurry not thinking I accidently closed the room door on her neck.   Oh That vision & memory will be hard to forget. She held on for about 45 minutes then died in my arms, close to my heart.  Oh, how will I get over her.  I only had her since Dec 23, 09 & am having a difficult time.  The impression she leaves one with is overwhelming.  I am not yet able to bury her & have her wrapped in her faux fur leopard blanky in the freezer.  I took her out last night & this morning for about an hr., but know this is not healthy. And the other options are surely extremely costly.  Please don't make the mistake I did.  Oh how I wish I caged her last night while I was distracted.  Oh yeah 5 nights ago she was found in the toilet bowl, almost drowned. She was mischievious, inquisitive & high enery & free spirited....thats how she got her name SPIRIT.  I now caged my other 5 girls & will only take them out supervised for playtime...wish I did that before SPIRITS DEATH.  Why I was not thinking is beyond me.  I am a mother of a 21 y/o & should have known better.  Please learn by my mistakes.  May she rest in peace........thanks for reading........Ratluvor   I know I need to bury her soon, when I am ready, probably tomorrow.

Ratluvor Ratluvor
4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

She is in the rats nest.. Mrs. Franz's class. 4th period! Welcome! :]


ive had accidents like this too. My pet rat died because of me; it wasnt a one time accident like it was with you; i just really didnt take good care of him, and i hate myself for it. but Spirit doesnt blame you, like i think cinder doesnt blame me. and i know you posted this like 2 years ago, but my pet died last night, so im kind of living this right now

I am so sorry to hear...I'm sure Spirit wouldn't want you to blame yourself...accidents do happen...I will be sure to follow your advice and keep a closer eye on my babies when they are out from now on...

thease things happen please forgive your self my rat chewed a elecric cable well out out of reach and nearly died because of me your pet had a terrible accident you gave her a good life please dont blame your self it was fate is all she knows you loved her