A Rattie Rescue...


in july of 2007, i saved a tiny brown rat from the perils of a domestic boa constrictor..actually, the snake was rather full from her large feast but still had a few helpings to go..and so began my infinite love for the sweetest, funniest pet i've ever known as i scooped "it" out of the danger zone..yep, too young to know what sex it was, but i knew i had to name it "Pook"..soon "it" became a "her" with ears, nose, and tail so pretty in pink..and brindle fur! how delightfully suprising that was..she proved to be a bit shy, but learned to recognize and favor me over others(so secretly satisfying!)..i couldn't help but smother her with kisses every time i held her, and one day she just turned around in my hands and licked me right on the lips!..from then on, i would call her to the open door of her cage and proclaim "kisses!?" and yep, you guessed it, that's exactly what i got..so sweet, SO smart, so very dear to my heart..i spoil her like there is no tomorrow!

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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

That is a sweeeeet story. I think it should come with a warning! Wow, that's really really sweet. I have never looked-after rats, 'took care of' the class gerbils once turing half- term break, but thats got nothing to do with rats. Oooh, I saw on Tv once , they had the Giant Gambian Pouch Rats and they clicker trained them to sniff-out landmines, really awesome! ...You can't import them to the U.S. tho, in case anyone reading is thinking of getting one. They are quite invasive species, an d can give you Monkeypox! =(