My Furry Friends

I have always loved hamsters. But a couple years ago when I went to the pet store I fell in awe of their pet rats. I had never owned one before and my son who loves snakes thought I was buying a rat for food!(snake food that is) as soon as I held one I knew I was giving not one rat but 2 a home. Almost 3 years now I have raised 4 rats as pets. My original two have passed away, one from tumors. That broke my heart. I went out the other day and brought home another female. I have considered buying a male but all mine have always been females. And I dont want to breed. Does anyone have male rats? I'd like some input as to their behavior. Are they just as tame as females? Do they become aggressive as they get older? If I get a male, I would get two but keep them in seperate cage from my females. In the next few weeks I am building a 3 story/level home for the females. I'd like to make it about 2 ft/4fthigh. So I am also open to suggestions in this building process as I know they love to chew!

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1 Response Mar 14, 2009

Like you I have always had hamsters, until my last one passed away and I was at the pet store looking for a new one when I saw the rats , so I got a male rat. Since he is my first rat he is very loving and sweet. He likes to climb around on my bed when I'm on it so he will some times sit on my back or go down my sweater and take a little nap so I guess They are just as sweet as females but they can be nippy at first if they are not used to being handled. Alittle tap on the nose every time they nipp should stop it.