18 Rats and More Coming!!!

In the Begining, I bought a rat who was being sold as snake food. She was so beautiful, so I bought her. THEN I found that they arn't solitary animals. SOOO I bought another one ^^ BUUUUUUTTTTTTT The one was REALLY a boy, and they had 7 babies..

NOW one of the girls were mis-sexed and had babies not even a week ago. TODAY we saw 2 that were starting to get a little chubby; So we were watching them closely. Somehow they both got pregnant when the boys were in the cage beside them... (no chance of a boy being in the girl's cage)

SO NOW the one is having babies REALLY soon, and the other one... We are hoping she is just REALLY REALLY fat... Any tips for more then one pregnancy?? THANKS


Uhhhmmm... mmkayyy... My friends adopted 10 of the baby rats so now we are stuck with 31... lol.

Anywho, everyone is finee~ They have gotten BIG! Well, not so much the Girls, but the boys are HUGE!!

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Holy crap, and here I thought i've had many at once..

Rats expectancy is about 18 months... Ours are turning 3 in about a week....<br />
Sadly, some of them passed away, but there are still 18 rats.<br />
9 boys and 9 girls <3

Aw! How adorable! I would love to get a rat...but you know how parents are. Im sure youll take care of your rats. They equal lots of love! <3

I had some pet rats when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I kept them in one of the drawers in my bedroom....My mum didn't allow rats for pets....well one day she was in my drawers putting socks or something away...she discovered the rats and made me get rid of them---I only had two and I guess it was just luck--they must have been the same sex....they never had babies. Are there any pet stores near you? Maybe they would take your forty one rats. That's a lot of rats :).

now there is freaken 41 if them... woohoo!!

Oh sh*it no way!! poor you. Glad you rescued him from being snake food, I did the very same with my 3.<br />
<br />
I often think horrid thoughts about what would've happened to them if I hadn't, and get sad I couldn't save them all.

NOOOOWWWW there is 30 rats!!!

My older sister had a pet rat when we were children. I loved that white rat!<br />
<br />
Unfortunately, Peedeedog the dog, doesn't care for rats.