I Love Rats

i love my pet rats. i did have 3 boy rats pud frito and lil bit but i rehome them to a very nice lady that i know b,c i was at a pet store and buying treats when i over heard the owner saying that they sold the mother and that her babies just wouldnt survive so me being the animal lover took 2 of them feed them myself and they are just so adorable they are about 3 weeks old. cream hooded named tink and a black hooded named bell aka bella. then yesturday i saw a lonely baby rat going as a feeder so i decided to get him well my bf did so she was going to die she is about 2 weeks old she is a hooded hairless. adorable i named her maddie. i am feeding her. i am currently still working on cage decorations ect. finishing a tunnel and the tepee house ect but they are so adorable just seeing them makes me smile
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1 Response Apr 18, 2010

Awww, how sweet. I used to have a rat named Rattigan. He was the sweetest thing. People couldnt see how gorgeous and affectionate a pet rat could be. They used to turn their nose up and refuse to pet him because they thought he had diseases that could be transferred to them. How stoooopid! My baby used to come out with me, sitting on my shoulder, and when he had had enough up there he used to climb down into his little pouch in my bag. He used to sit on the edge of the bath and clean himself. I can understand how you love your babies so much. I may just get a little one for my little girl....