Snakes Everywhere

So, My boyfriend and I currently have 2 Ball Pythons, One Boa, A banana King snake, 2 Desert King snakes (one is roaming around the house though), 2 bull snakes, a Texas rat snake, and a baby corn snake. They are so precious and I wouldn't trade them in for the world.
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Wow! you have a lot of snakes.I just have a cali king snake she is just over 4ft long at the moment.

all my pets mean the world 2 me 2 lol<br />
x reggie the most, then my son x hubby hahah <br />
u keep up the gud work

Most I've had at any one time was 6:<br />
<br />
2 Burmese Pythons - 18 feet in length<br />
2 Corn snakes about 8 feet each<br />
1 Copperhead - about 6 feet<br />
1 Timber Rattler - 6 feet

Wow girl! I cant compare with you! lol. But that sounds like something i'm gonna be like in the future. Right now I have two baby corn snakes (well now they are almost adult) but I still call them my babies because I have had and raised them since they were yearlings. I bought them at a reptile convention in Westchester NY. "Captive breeders" was the name of the company I bought them by. I have one male named Sir Lancelot and one female named Princess Guinevere. They are adorable and lovable. Quite friendly but shy and I dont think I would trade them for the world either. :-)