My Favorite Pet Snake.

Among the 6-8 snakes I had before my divorce was my favorite, a 6 foot timber rattler. Still poisonous, I was the only one that could, or would handle it. Unfortunately, on the day I was to move him into new living quarters with me, my ex donated him to the N. Carolina zoo.


But it's almost the season where they'll be active again around here so I'm sure I can catch another one.

tat2doc tat2doc
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be carefull xx

doc i am looking 4 you.. i have talket with corvette joe he has misplaced your phone number. i would like to see u. big john beulaville

I am afraid I don't like snakes they give me the creeps but everybody to their own thing. You ex was totally out of order to give your snake away wiyhout your permission. I hope you manage to replace what you lost as you seem to love these animals.

2 Burmese - 18 feet each<br />
1 reticulate - about 7 feet<br />
1 corn - about 9 feet<br />
1 grass - about 6 feet<br />
<br />
all in the same cage - 1/2 of a 2 car garage. Had it's own rain system, air conditioning, heater, and heated pool all year round. The cage was big enough to stand up and walk around in. The rain system was on a timer, and heat and air were set to operate at 90 degrees. The pool was a constant 75.