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I've been keeping Aquariums for around 12 years or so. At one point I had 15 tanks in my house that held over 950 gallons of water and countless amounts of fish. I've moved a few times and gave away fish and tanks to quite a few friends over the years. In the terrible October Icestorm of last year I lost power for 6 days and because of that my Saltwater tank crashed and I lost over $1100 worth of fish that I had for about 3 years. I also had about $800 worth of live rock get spoiled as well. I was simply at a loss, emotionally.

Still I like having fish tanks, and keeping and watching the fishes. Yet I knew that with the current financial situation I couldn't do Salts again. I dismantled the tank, cleaned it and began another freshwater set-up. It's my only tank now, unless you count the 100 gallon Turtle set-up.

It's a 55 gallon tank, and it houses a whole lot of fishies. As the title of this group suggests...., my Fish do not think I'm crazy!

Here are some of my little buddies:

The Tank-

Andrew the Archer Fish-

Kevin the Khuli Loach-

The TireTrack Eel-

Arthur the Angelfish-

Big Stanley the Sverum-

Colleen the Crab

Karl Crab & 1 of the Cory Cats

Ricky the Austrailian Rainbowfish-

1 of the 3, Lampeye Tetras-

Larry the Lobster-

Larry & Stanley-

The Eel & Karl (sparring over territory)[the eel won]-

This is a partial representation of the Tank's inhabitants. I'll add to this along the way, at some point. I hope you enjoy the pics. I love my fishies, and they love me(or at least the food I feed them). I sit and watch these fish for hours sometimes.


Silver Mollies - Pregnant female above Male

A couple more pics

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Wow Hiker are really into this. I'm sooo sorry you suffered such a loss during the ice storm...That is when a generator comes in darn handy... I love how you name them all......We've never kept fish but we have friends with a big tank and they are pretty cool to watch....Very soothing to sit and watch them glide thru the water.......

My daughter names most of them. I mostly call them by their type when speaking about them. I rent, so a generator is a bit out there for me to have. I'm not in the best of cities to have something so valuable sitting in my yard at any given time.

Fish are very relaxing to watch at times. Having a nice tank is a FengShuie thingy. Thanx for the comments, Sierra. Always happy to have them.

Awwww...How cool that you and your daughter share this!!

If only I could get her to share the responsibility of cleaning the tank.....

Your fishy friends rawk! *grin* Yanno...I killed a goldfish when I was in the 3rd grade...but it was completely accidental...and I never tried again. Perhaps I should try again? I do like looking at other people's aquariums. I love how creative some people are with their underwater kingdoms. *smile* P.S. I'm digging Arthur and Stanley. :)

Well, if you do decide to, I can offer technical advice on proper care. I can answer pretty much any question you have. Your tale reminds me of my first tank.

I had gone out, spent a couple hundred dollars on a tank equipment and fish. I didn't have a clue. Everything went together nicely until I noticed the light on the heater went off. I touched the dial and it went back on. I sat down and it went off again. Again I tried to get it to stay on. That happened 4 times before I got it to stay on.

Unfortunately for my fish, I had no idea that the light shut off because the water had reached the target temperature. I woke up the next day to find I had turned my tank into a cookpot of fish stew.

Ugh..., it was heartbreaking ....

Oh dear. :( That's such a heartbreaking story...because you thought you were doing right by your fish friend. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I will definitely take you up on your offer if I decide to expand my pets to include fun fishies. *grin*