The Turtles

Flash & Gram are thier names. They Don't think I'm crazy. They think I'm cool. They'd tell you so if you knew how to speak Turtlese.....

The Tank / Flash is a girl Red Eared Slider, and she's the one on the land shelf. Gram is a boy Painted Turtle and he's the little guy in the water.

Gram & Flash, basking under the lamp in the Sand/Gravel bed.

A Gram in the hand is worth...., well, um, ah...., well it's got to be worth something.....

I have more pics of the tank but I'll have to upload them some other time.
Did I remember to tell you the turtles think I'm cool ?

1 - The tank as it is now set in the kitchen

2-3: From the livingroom before the tank move.

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Aww, I love turtles..... These guys totally have it made!! :)

You won't ever meet two happier turtles.

Looks like those lucky turtles are living in luxury now! (and inspired some unintentional alliteration)

They're about as spoiled as a set of turtles can get....

Aw, turtles, so cute! We recently considered getting them but couldn't find any in the local pet stores. Found out it's illegal to buy or sell them in NJ! But, legal to own them, so we could just go out of state to get one. They would be my ideal pet because there's no fur, no dander, and they are quiet, and adorable. Yeah, I'm not really a pet person, haha.

Turtles are cool. They live quite a while too. The tank/land habitat setup I have is 7 ft. Long by 3 ft. Wide. Not totally necessary, but some room is definitely required as a turtle matures

Sounds like a lovely habitat - I don't have enough room in the house for something like that. Would have to get a smaller turtle. Do the 2 you have interact with each other?

Yes, they are mostly amicable though the female does pick on the male from time to time. The reason my set up is so large is because the female is of breeding size/age. If not provided a suitable land area where she can lay and bury eggs, it could lead to something called egg retention. She could just refuse to push the eggs out and they could rot inside her. It's both painful and dangerous for her.

If you got an aquatic turtle it's simple enough to go years with nothing larger than a 29 gallon tank. You'd make a landbed at one end using a tuperware container filled with gravel or sand. Then you bring the water level to the height of that.

How exactly does she pick on the male? (nudge nudge wink wink)
Are you expecting any little ones soon?

I'm not sure if it's possible for a painted turtle to fertilize the eggs of a slider turtle. All of my research on the subject has yielded no answers as most experts say not to house them together.

I find that silly though as these 2 have been together for about 10-12 years now with no real problems.

She picks on him mostly by nipping at his feet. Though 2 years back when she was holding eggs she grabbed him quite viciously by his head. After that I built him a cave she can't fit in.

Like I said they get on well for the most part.

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