A List

I am phobic of the following:

1) "Aei5" (don't ask...I don't know. I was paranoid for weeks of that combination.)
2) Germs (Have been mysophobic for 2 or 3 years now.)
3) Being touched anywhere by anyone or anything. (It's kinda related to #2 but I don't like being touched period.)
4) Deep water (I hate this one.)
5) Being around someone who's angry (This is from child abuse. It doesn't matter who the anger's directed at. I can't stand it.)
6) Dogs jumping on me (A dog jumped on me and knocked me down when I was four. At first, it was just dogs, but now I can be around them as long as they don't jump on me. I'll back away with a terrified look on my face or just close my eyes and turn my upper body away if I can't stop him.)

Some of them are just weird, others make sense. It's certainly an interesting combination, though...
chococat159 chococat159
May 10, 2011