I Need Help...advice?

I have a phobia of falling. It isnt just if I am up high and look down but if I am on the ground and I look up at a high place as well. On top of that I bought a ticket to go see my high school hockey team play in state and I got a ticket for the second level, only to find out that it was way higher than I am comfortable with. I am shaking and about to cry just thinking about it. Did anyone get over a phobia of hights or falling and would be able to share with me how they did it? I would love to work on this so that I dont feel this way anymore. I truly hate it when I cant do anything with my family and my friends because of this fear. Thanks for reading this.

weakintheknees weakintheknees
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Thanks. I am sorry about your phobia, it doesnt sound near as bad as mine does and I am sure it is much more challanging to change. I hope you can work through it.

Hi, have phobias too, only that mine r catching up with me..... i know there are treatments for these things so seek out 4 treatment before u become disabled like me. my claustro phobia started slowly and i went about doing my work as usual. it kept closing in on me until i was grounded. cant move out of the house now , cant drive with out choking. cant even take a bus with out fainting. im grounded. please ,please dont be like me<br />