My First Full Body Medical Exam With My Mom And Infront Of My Younger Sister By Female Doctor

When I was 13 i had my first full body medical exam my mom and I and sister was waiting in the waiting room,then the nurse called my name.Then me and mom and my younger sister whent, to the exam room then the nurse told me to remove my shirt, then she checked my bloodpresure.After that she told me to ***** down to my underwear,the the female nurse check my weight.Then she told me to remove my underwear and now I was completely,naked infront of my mom and sister.Then the nurse told me to get on the exam table,then she left the exam room,and my mom and sister stayed.Then my female doctor came in,she checked my hart and spine and reflexes.After that she told me to lay down on the exam table.Then check my stomach,and examed closely around my penis.Then, she had me stand-up,and checked the tip off my penis,and examed my balls, and at this time my sister was watching very close she is two years younger than me then the nurse said exam is over.
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Very similar situation happened to me when I was 14 or 15. I was late starting puberty, and at that time I was completely hairless, and still had my little boy weiner.

Anyway, it was early summer and school was out. I was messing around in the woods working on building a tree house with a couple of my friends. The tree had lots of vines climbing up its' trunk, and I just grabbed them and pulled them down. A day or two latter, I came to realize that the vines were poison ivy!!!!!!!!!!!

I developed a massive case of poison ivy all over my hands and arms. I was absolutely miserable. I had huge blisters between all of my fingers, making my hands useless. I was able to get a pair of shorts pulled on by myself, but My mom had to help with getting my t-shirt and socks on. So at home I was able to maintain some dignity.

Now everybody who has had poison ivy knows that if you have PI on your hands, you will also get it where ever you touch with your hands - meaning your genitals. And I had it there too.

I was so miserable, my mom decided to take me to the doctor. The ofice was close to our house, so we walked 10 minutes to get there. Once in the waiting room, I attracted a lot of attention; people commenting that I had the worst case of PI they have ever seen. That certainly made me feel better. We were finally called into the examination room where I was told to take off my shirt, and the doctor would be right in.

My mom helped me get my shirt off and then sat down in the chair which was right next to the exam table. In a minute the doctor came in. It was a lady doctor. My regular male doctor wasn't available on such short notice, so my mom took whoever was available. She looked like a normal doctor, not young, not old, but I had never had a lady doctor before. I saw no issue as it was my hands that were covered in PI blisters. She asked me to step up and sit on the paper covered table - which I did with her holding my upper arm for stability.

"Wow", she said, "You really got into it." She examined both of my hands, turning them up and then over. Then looked at my arms which weren't as bad as my hands. Then she glanced at my body - not much there, and asked, "Do you have it any where else?"

Without thinking, I shyly shook my head 'Yes'.

"Where?" she asked.

I motioned my hands toward my groin area, not knowing exactly what words to use in front of my mom.

"OK. Can you stand up for me?" I was instruucted by the doctor.

I stood up and the doctor slipped her fingers into the waist band of my nylon shorts and pulled them down to my ankles. All the way down. And there I stood, 15 years olds, fully naked in front of my mom and the lady doctor - no pubic hair around my little boy penis; bald as the day I was born.

The bright red PI rash was all over down there, including my ****. The doctor just looked, as did my mom; The doctor moved my genitals gently to see if I had it up inside my thighs around my scrotum. I did and it was really itchy there.

I tried not to look at my mom, but she was right there, looking at it - my little weiner - no hair. Her face maybe 3 feet away. I was just praying that I would not begin to get hard with two women starring at me, and touching me down there. As it was, I have never been so embarrassed in my 15 year life.

Then the doctor said, "OK, I have something that will have you feeling better in a day or two," and then turned away saying, "You can get dressed now." And she got up to leave saying, "I'll leave the prescription with the nurse at the desk. You'll be feeling a lot better by this time tomorrow." And she went out of the exam room, leaving me standing there on that little, metal step, with my shorts still down around my ankles, and my nakedness for my mom to enjoy. I tried to bend over to grab my shorts to pull them up, but was about to fall. My mom immediately said, "I'll get them for you honey," And she got up, reached down and pulled my shorts up for me, giving her a close-up look at my ******, which was beginning to swell, and was clearly bigger than it was a minute ago. Luckily, mom had my shorts up in a moment, but not without a seconds pause as she needed one more look at me before covering my privates. God I wished I was dead.

We stopped at the desk and got some stuff that my mom was to put into a tub of water and I was to soak in it for as long as I could. The longer the better the nurse said. Then we walked home. The only thing my mom said was, "I thought the doctor was very nice, didn't you?"

"Sure." is all I could come up with.

Great comment and story thanks

I take it your mom hasn't seen you naked for some time. My mom saw me naked into my 20's and i was never shy about being naked around people.

The same thing has happened to me too.

Yes my SIS and I bathed together intel i was 11 and she was 9 so it was really no big deal.

So were u comfortable being naked infront of them?

Am comfortable being naked infront of mom, sis.