My First Full Body Medical Exam With My Mom And Infront Of My Younger Sister By Female Doctor

When I was 13 i had my first full body medical exam my mom and I and sister was waiting in the waiting room,then the nurse called my name.Then me and mom and my younger sister whent, to the exam room then the nurse told me to remove my shirt, then she checked my bloodpresure.After that she told me to ***** down to my underwear,the the female nurse check my weight.Then she told me to remove my underwear and now I was completely,naked infront of my mom and sister.Then the nurse told me to get on the exam table,then she left the exam room,and my mom and sister stayed.Then my female doctor came in,she checked my hart and spine and reflexes.After that she told me to lay down on the exam table.Then check my stomach,and examed closely around my penis.Then, she had me stand-up,and checked the tip off my penis,and examed my balls, and at this time my sister was watching very close she is two years younger than me then the nurse said exam is over.
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Yes my SIS and I bathed together intel i was 11 and she was 9 so it was really no big deal.

So were u comfortable being naked infront of them?<br />
Am comfortable being naked infront of mom, sis.