My First Physical

My first physical.

I remember when I was 11 I had first physical and it was to get medicade becuase we could afford insurence.  I went to the Carroll County Health Center in the state I live in.  My mother signed the papers and nessary forms documenting my previous medical history.  While this was going on I notice that three geirls ages 9, 11, and 13 came in.  A short time layer a woman appeared and caleeed my name.  She handed me cup and to to the restroom and pee in the cup.  I brought to and the nurse took me to a room where they test my vision and hearing and looked at my theeth.  As I was taken to the exam room I nocted the girls sitting on bench waiting their turn.  The who was woman told to take off all my even my shoes and socks except for my underwear, all except formy underwear.  it was alittle embaressing.  The walls are not sound proof at hese places even the best places wall arn't sound proof.  I heard docotr in the other off telling the girls take off all their even their shoes, socks, slips, bras, and panties,  They more embaressed I beleive.  All physicalstart the same way with your weight and height.  then all the other routine like heart lungs temprature and etc.  the most is when she put her down my underwear and felt my privates.  I think when a boy is 11 that he doesn't need that exam.

Trucker2 Trucker2
Sep 7, 2008