My First Physical Exam

I had my first physcial exam when  was a 12 year old boy I was waiting in the waiting room for about 30 mins with my mum then the nurse came out and called by name I got up and followed her in to a room with my mum the nurse told me to take my jacket and my shoes off then she weighed me and checked my height she then said to me to to put my shoes and jacket back on and go back to the waiting room with my mum and wait to be called by the doctor I waited for about 15 mins then the doctor called me into the exam room I went in to the exam room with my mum, the doctor was female we went in a sat down the doctor asked my mum loads of questions about my medical history then she said can you stand up and get undressed to your underwear please and take your shoes and socks off aswell for me I stood up and got undressed the doctor then told me to sit on the edge of the exam table and she took my blood presure and checked my eyes, ears, nose and mouth and listened to my chest with her stephoscope the doctor then got her hammer and checked my hands, arms, legs and feet reflexes after that the doctor told me lie down on my back she then checked my whole body my hands, fingers, arms, legs, tummy, ankles and feet and also checked between my toes the doctor then told me to stand up she then checked my spine and my back she then told me to take my pants off I took them off, I was standing there completey naked in front of the doctor and my mum the doctor then told me to lie down on my back and spread my legs apart the doctor then put on a pair of rubber gloves and checked my penis and testicles then she said to me to lie on my side and to pull both knees up towards my chest the doctor then put some ky jelly on her gloved index finger and inserted it into my anus after that she told me I could stand up she then gave me a paper towel to wipe my bum and said I could get dressed and told my mum that everything was fine, the whole exam lasted for about an hour I hated the it and thought it was really humiliating and dreaded going back there next year but I now realize it was for my health.

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Oh man thats horrible .