Well........i Eat Groundrice Flour/powder

I have  been eating i for about 6 years now, I started at 14. I used to openly eat it in front of my friends and family but stopped when the werid looks kept coming my way. I actually did stop eating it when I was 17 and would then eat it like once a year but I have suddenly started to eat it again like every week. I started to note down when I do want it and realised that whenever I do eat it, its usually because I am feeling stressed or I try to skip meals and use it as a substitute for real food as ground rice has no fat or chemicals involved but I want to really stop as it does make me depressed when I have to hide when I am eating. Although when I am eating goundrice, I tend to mix it with a bit of water,salt (sea salt) and olbas oil. Olbas oil is a medicated oil with diffrent types of mint oils, think of vicks as an oil then you would what I am talking about (lol). Recently I have been craving sand,uncooked pasta,rice and paint! Though the paint would have to be mixed with a lot of groundrice,as you can see, i NEED A LOT OF HELP! If this helps anyone I am 22,an law and media student. Thankyou for reading!
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try come clean georgia white dirt

Are you still around, and how are things going for you? You honestly need to see a doctor, because there could be a physical basis for your behavior. The docs tell me that my pica (I LOVE chalk!) is due to iron deficiency anemia.

OMG DON'T USE OLBAS OIL!!! serioulsy! my sister drank some when she was two and had to be rushed into hospital becuase she could have gone into a coma at any time. it really isn't good for you to injest.i hope that you read this before you do any damage to yourself x

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