I Love Chalk And Eat Dirt And Lava Rocks And Ice Chips

i have an urge to eat chalk that is stronger than my urge to smoke. the dollar stores are going out of business and im going to go load up on my favorite chalk there today. e feeling i spend like 59 cents on 48 peices and the whole box will be gone in three days. idk what the heck is up with my love for chalk and the smell of laundry soap. i add a hint of laundry soap or bleach or something that smells good to my ice when i make my weird *** ice chips at the bottom of the fridge. i eat ice chips all day also but my books always end up rumply when i get my watery hands all over them so i try to do chalk when i am reading
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Here's a great site for ordering edible clay...it is freshly dug and has that earthy taste and creamy texture.


i love eatin dirt well i smell it i go crazy & i allways eat chalk its so tasty

Wow, I feel so warm here. All my life I've been easily crunched little pebbles, side walk chalk, charcoal, cat litter, dry wall, wet cement, jamba juice crushed ice in a cereal bowl as a meal, pencil led and so many more. I'm anemic as well--severly as you can tell. I tend to gravitate towards items that easing give to my teeth. As I've gotten older and more aware of germs I tend to eat most side walk chack (because it isn't as chalky as regular black board chalk) and finely crushed ice chips. I usually let the tiny chips of ice soak in a little water to make them more giving to my teeth like allowing your cereal to soften in the milk. My sidewalk chalk is cleaning as I eat straight from the package. Also, like a few of you here I love the smell of detergent and bleach. On the rare occasions that I've been to a laundry mat I was overwhelmed with thirst. I seriously wanted to open the washers and drink from them. Instead I had to pull out my ice chip packed water cup...

you sound JUST like me. I soak ice in water sometimes to get to the softer part also. I havent tried cat litter but it sounds good. Ive tried super glue and although it is kinda nice, I wouldnt recommend it since it stuck to my teeth for days last time. I like to let the glue sit on my tongue and dry there

I absolutely love chalk too! I've eaten it for years. I want to try edible clay now; as it is good for you and should have the earthy, gritty soft melt in the mouth texture I crave so much. I tend to eat chalk (white only - less chemicals) when I eat sugary/fatty foods. It makes my mouth taste neutral again. I've got a theory - wild parrots eat a berry that has a toxic seed, so to clear their body of toxins they eat clay. This clay really works and rids their body of the toxin the berry seed produces. Now we know that sugary and fatty foods have way more toxins and when consumed, our instincts tell us to eat clay to get rid of the toxins. We find the closest thing i.e chalk, wall etc. This may sound far fetched but people have been eating clay/soil/dirt of hundreds of years the practice is called geophagy.

thanks you guys! I have anemia too! god I love crumbly rocks! usually I prefer lava rocks. EEw I hope no one spit on em. I have been soaking my rocks in bleach water lately at home. They have like moss and stuff so I have to wash em. I loveeeeee chalk and dry wall and everything in between and wanna eat it all right now til i get sick

My teeth are deteriorating. This is a bad side effect. I like picking the plaster off the side of my patio, I like small soft dissolvable pebbles/rocks from pavement. - But keep in mind- these rocks, dirt, etc may have poisons, people may have spit on them and there may be parasites..........seek medical help....although some clay is good for you...seek a blood lab test for Iron deficiency and etc. I am very anemic...and I cannot take iron pills- will be starting IV treatments of Venefer for 5 wks for iron supplements. --- again, I crave rocks, etc...but when you look at the wear on your TEETH and dental work, its not worth it. Be blessed!

I'm with you on the chalk! My triggers are things like cat litter, dirt and sand at construction sites, and reading about other peoples' cravings. The doctors say I have this because I have iron deficiency anemia.