I <3 Sand!!!!

well i really realy really really love to eat sand. i think something is wrong with me. idk y i eat it but i crave it SO BAD! i have some sand around my street and i go and collect that and then i sift it with our kitchen strainer. then i put it in tupperware containers and put it in a drawer in my room. so like whenever i want some sand i go in my room and go in the drawer and eat a spoonful or two. or sometimes i like to cram my mouth full.
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4 Responses Jul 10, 2010

I completely understand. The texture is so satisfying, unlike any other non-food items I've eaten. It's so easy to become addicted to sand.

i am addicted to sand and stones..they very addictive i have been eating sand for about 7 years now...cant stop

i love the SMELL and the TEXTURE of it .. i wanna just play in it all day and night .. i probably would eat it if i could ...bahhhhhhhhh fml ..

Is it powdery sand or grainy sand? This summer I got a few grains of sand in mouth from the beach and when I bit down on it it feel so crunchy and nice between my teeth.