In Search Of Pica Sufferers

I will come clean straight away because I don't want to pretend to be something I'm not. I have no personal experience of Pica and have never suffered with it myself. I am posting on this site as a journalist looking for some people who might be interested in talking to me with the view to doing a story.
After reading many of the comments on this page I can only just begin to understand what a complex condition this is and as far as I am aware the syndrome is still relatively unknown and certainly not talked about a great deal. I would love to do a story on this and would ask any interested in talking to me to make themselves known on this site. Look forward to hearing from you soon............
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I have undiagnosed pica i eat all sorts off items from plastics to paper are my main two at the moment theres almost nothing i have'nt tryed. I just can't help my self its s driving erge inside me. I've tryed not to but its compulsive i can't seem to stop. I've eaten all sorts of things from plaster, paint, coushion from sofas, sponges, wood, tissue, paper (not brown envolopes they dont taste that nice). Im thinking of getting help as its ruining my teeth constently eating things like plastic. I've done it since i was a kid and now im 28. Maybe its an obsessive compulsive disorder. I've alway been to embarrised to talk about it my girlfriend knows but not many other people do. I do it daily all day. I think its time i got proffessional help with it

I thnk i might have Pica. I found out about this after googleing why i was craving soap. I have been washing my hands with softsoap or dish washing soap and sudsing it up and sucking the suds off my hands. I don't swallow it though cause I'm to scared, then i rinse my mouth out and do it again. When i was younger i craved Ivory soap and used to eat little bits and Irish spring...I would just stick the bar in my mouth and then take it out and wash my mouth out I also used to love the smell of dry laundry detergent i would play with it and want to eat it but i knew that would harm me. I keep having the urge to buy Ivory soap but my husband knows what i have been up to and now he watches me when i wash my hands or do the dishes so i have to sneak it at night and he won't let me buy the Ivory soap. I have also been craving salt I don't know what is wrong with me. I know i used to be anemic so that could be my problem now

Hello,<br />
I have try to manage my disorder of eating clay, dirt, rocks, any sort of soft concret, gypsum and chalk. At my age (after my 30's) it was hard to figure out what was wrong with me...I always thought I was nuts and dirty also how embarrasing it is to say "yes I like the taste of clay" I have been eating them since high school. First I thought I was the only one...thank to the internet and my teeth problem I found the name of this disorder about 6 months ago. Now I am suffering the impact. I was bulimc for many years too and I blamed the bulimia of my teeth problem. My teeth are a big issue now. They are bad and some are almost gone. I have lived in different countries and some how I was always able to find "treats" and feed my craving of this sort of elements. In my native country I found these elements more enjoyable for the flavor, texture and me more natural. I loved them and I miss them. Where I live now my cravings are sesonal. On winter because the snow I can't see the dirt, rocks, etc. also my teeth are more sensitve because the cold and because how bad my teet are that is why I do not feel like eat my "treats" but summer time is the best. Dirt, rocks, chalk are dry and some how taste better. Like I said my teeth are the problem now. I planning to fix them next year...literatly get them new ...meaning I have to stop. My husband does not know about this and I do not know if he has seen the difference in my teeth since we married (3 years ago) Anyways some how I will figure out. I hope so.

Hi, I guess I just recently found out that I have pica syndrome, through an email leading me to this discussion ^_^ But I love eating waxes (like dental waxes they provide you when you get retainers or braces, that kind of thing) and finger nails ( I never knew why I did, everyone says it's bad and could tear at your stomach), skin (mine, no one else's ^^ yeah I know eww) those gooey like things that come in little 25 cent capsules in the beginning of stores (they're really stretchy and colorful and often shaped like animals or something, those things) small things of plastic (depending on the texture, some I like and others not so much) mucus (again if anyone knew they would be so grossed out =-S) etc. Can't remember anymore off the spot, but you get the idea.<br />
Hope to hear from you soon!