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Baking Soda Addict

I started taking baking soda about a year ago when i was out of my acid reflux medication. It worked great for the heartburn, and at first i stuck to the directions on the box. Even after i got my regular medication, I kept taking it. after a while, I stopped following the label directions and started putting more and more baking soda in the water and drinking it more and more often. Now, over a year later, I'm eating baking soda by the spoonful, straight out of the box. I do this several times a day, and I've found that I crave it more when I'm under stress. I usually don't actually need it for heartburn, I just love the way it tastes, and the way it feels to hold the powder in my mouth and let it slowly dissolve. The only ill effect I've experienced from doing this is water retention from all the sodium. On the other hand, my teeth are always clean and i never have bad breath.
Also, for the past 5 months or so, I have been almost obsessed with crunching ice. I eat at least 2 trays of ice a day, and the amount I eat is steadily going up. a few times recently, I have tried crushing the ice and sprinkling baking soda over it. I know most people would consider this weird, but to me it feels totally normal. Neither of these habits has disrupted my life in any way.
I have tried to stop eating baking soda, because I know that it is unhealthy to consume in such large amounts, but I haven't been successful for more than a few days at a time. I always end up buying a box the next time I go shopping and having a big spoonful as soon as I get home.
I'm very glad that I've found a group of people who are in similar situations. I haven't tried talking to anybody about it because I feel like everyone will think I'm crazy.
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I'm curious to know what doctors have told you guys about eating ice and baking soda. I currently have a huge cup of ice and my baking soda sitting by my side. Reading these stories make me feel good to know I'm not the only one doing this. I haven't gone to the doctor and discussed this with them. My dad knows I eat ice, but not baking soda. He told me that something was wrong with me and I should go to the doctor before it's too late. I think he's tripping and nothing is wrong with me. Unlike majority of you guys I perfer my baking soda in small doses. I keep it in a plastic container so that I can shake it and rub my finger around the rim to get the smaller powder particles from around the edge. I eat crushed ice all day long. I plan on going to the doctor soon though. Because I've notice that I don't go number 2 like a "normal" person, but that is my only concern. I'm not anemic my blood is super thick. I might be low on iron, but there's vitamins for that. Good luck in your journey folks.

I love the granulated baking soda from the cleaning section. The fridge and freezer packs. It is different than the powdered type used for cooking. I love the texture and the taste. I probably eat a quarter cup a day now. And have been for months.

I have been eating bs since 1990 but the last year or so its really been out of hand and I know that it can't be healthy so I'm trying to find out the side affects

I've been chewing BS habitually since 1993. I remember leaving for college in 1994 and counting 378 boxes empty boxes that I had thrown in the back of my closet. I can remember times of going without it for years at a time. When I became pregnant 9 yrs ago I stopped cold turkey but the minute I gave birth I started again. I really don't eat it, I thoroughly enjoy shoveling several tablespoons into my mouth and chewing it. Once it's no longer dried then I spit it out and after rinsing I swallow that last little bit. I love the older baking soda boxes that have the huge clumps! I find myself sometimes going into the older grocery stores shaking the boxes to hear if it has clumps. I'm up to spending abt $15 a wk on this stuff. I do notice that when my iron levels are pretty good I can do without the baking soda. I really appreciate coming to this site and reading the other testimonies.

You should try the granulated fridge freezer packs. They're found in the cleaning section, not the cooking section. The texture is wonderful! :-)

Have you stopped eating it ? because ive been eating boxes of baking soda fr 3 yrs . Its soooo good and i want to stop but cant . My family and friends have even hid the baking soda . Bur its a huge craving when i smell laundry detergent or something like that :( i want it now . But if u nt addicted anymore . How did u stop being addicted?

Are your iron levels normal?

I think I'm a little late here but here's my story: I was/still am obsessed with the smell of Ajax Cleanser. I just love the smell and once when I was 7 I actually tasted it! I liked the taste, but my mom caught me and freaked out so I decided that it probably wasnt good for me and moved on. Now I am 18 and I have been chewing and spitting out baking soda for almost a year. I love the texture and the way it makes my mouth feel when I dissolve it. I originally started brushing my teeth with it, but I just pour a mouthful and chew. Although, one day I had chewed baking soda and then that night I threw up. I thought it was something I ate but It only lasted for 1-2 hours and I only threw up twice. I did a bit of research and realized that baking soda neutralizes the stomach acid in your stomach and makes it difficult to digest food. Every since ive stopped ive felt better, but it took me a while to recover. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else?

I have been chewing baking soda for a couple of months now. It is nice to know that there are others that have the same cravings. I have tried baking, microwaving, etc. and they are all AWFUL. It changes the taste completely and is disgusting. But finally I found something I like. Costco has the big bag of Arm and Hammer Baking soda and you can feel if it is solid. Once you open the resealable bag (which I love because it won't absorb any other odors) you will see a giant solid block which you can break into small pieces. They just had it on sale for $5.00. SO any of you that consume quite a bit of this stuff and love the chunks. This is the place to go. I am going back this weekend to buy two more bags!!!!<br />
<br />
Also, AM/PM has the crunable ice which I actually like more the Sonic. Give it a try.......

I to eat baking soda all the time.. I just can't stop. I've had several blood transfusions but I still can't stop eatin baking soda. I can't eat n powder form unless I'm not home n I really have a craving for it.. recently I've been cookin it on the the stove n letting it get hard that's the only way I can eat it... I haven't told anybody about my problem but I just can't live with out it..

Please explain "cook" it? I like mine crunchy I guess u could say, but boxes of arm n hammer just aren't cutting it.

I use a non stick pot n mix baking soda and water on the stove n let cook until it's hard. Then I keep it in the freezer so it's extra crunchy

I go through the same thing. I feel a little ashamed when I do do it and only my boyfriend knows about it. I can't even go a day without eating it will stay on my mind until a fulfill the need

i'm in the same husband thinks i'm just being silly when I say I need it....and sonic ice I cant get enof of it

have you stopped since this post? How did you do it.. I have a box at home with a spoon in it.. I can't WAIT to eat two tablespoons and chase it with a Pepsi.

I too am in love with eating Baking Soda, I started it just to relieve acid reflux and I am hooked, I put it in the palm of my hand touch it with my tongue and it is so comforting to me, the strange thing is when I was little I hated touching chalk, and a black board, but now I will even rub my hands in dry laundry detergent for the feel of it and even the baking soda, I am worried about my insides but I can't stop, the other day I went and bought a box just to have so it will be fresh for me. Thanks for this site that I know others are going through the same thing.

I have the exact habits. Sonic ice is the absolute best and arm n hammer baking soda is the best brand. I have tried several other brands. I also tried several times to break this habit but its not happening.

Okaaaay. Um pica is caused some deficient nutrient in your body. Bicarb is not a nutrient, its a buffer and keeps you alkaline. Someone stated they crave and are anemic. Backing soda decreases the iron in your body hense you have the answer to your pica.. .or craving. Restore your iron.

I just got out of a surgery during which I was accidentally given a blood thinner. As a result I lost 2/5 of my blood and Doctors said I should rebuild naturally rather than a transfusion. I was really tired and weak all the time, and for some reason craved baking soda non-stop. I found your post really interesting and wanna thank you for your insight. Gonna see the doc soon, and tell him he owes me a box of NaHCO3!

I thought I was the only one for the baking soda part. Like I mostly use it to brush my teeth though, and I like th way it feels so this makes me brush my teeth at least 4 times a day and at times I get bored. My mouth becomes watery when I see it and I know I should stop but I know I can't.

Then with the ice, I chew on 4-8 glasses of ice and I've been replacing that with baking soda though I know neither is good. -Sigh- i feel so better. I thought I was going to ruin my organs or something

I been addicted to baking soda since I was a child, now I'm 24 and pregnant with my second child and the urge to eat baking soda during my pregnancy's been two weeks since I gave in a started eating baking soda while pregnant and I feel guilty like I might have a cracked baby or something. I'm 29 weeks and I can't help eating it, I crave it, my mouth waters for it. I didn't have this problem with my first child, I fought the urge off but stress is the and always have been the trigger for my addiction. What should I do...?

I thought I was alone. I have Pica to for Baking Soda and Ice!
I buy a big box for everything in the house and a special one just for me to eat.

I have anemia and crave baking soda. Exactly like you said I have a certain way I like it and I eat ice as well. I'm on vitamins, iron and a certain diet. Yet I still have to eat it.

OMG!!!! I am doingg the exact same thing. Mine started with chewing ice. Now I'm chewing ice and finger dipping baking soda!

I stopped eating it, I noticed my skin becoming more wrinkle like, and my skin on my face reacted negatively to it, causing painful bumps that were large, and took some time for my skin to clear up. I think it was God telling me to give up the addiction, through Jesus Christ. Try eating grind powdered peanuts, or some other kind of nut that is slightly salted with a nice amount of iron content, like chia seeds, or flax seeds.

Hi all! What about Alka Seltzer? I've recently had these cravings for crushed ice, very little water or club soda, and Alka Seltzer - original or Lemon Lime. I love the fizzing of the tablets when crunched into itty bitty pieces. Even in this frigid weather I just can't help it!

I became addicted abt a month ago when I was 35 weeks pregnant, at first I just put bs in a bottle with water and vinegar shake it and smell it all day, then I wanted to clean everything with it, now, I have to feel it in my mouth, I do not eat it, I just dip my finger in it 5 times put it on my tongue, hold it for a few seconds then spit it out

I also eat baking soda, however I don't swallow it. I put a large amount in the palm of my hand and chew it until it desolves in my mouth then I spit it out in the bathroom sink. I too love the feel of it in my mouth and the taste of it. I also crave it. I was wondering if I am lacking some mineral or vitamin and that's why I crave it. It also seems like when I'm stressed I really crave it.

I don't swallow it either, just chew and release-lol. But I make chunks with it from the microwave first, THEN chew it and spit it out. Yummy............does your mouth feel raw if you eat too much?

Hi Baking Soda lover....i am like the rest of our funny group, I too love eating baking soda, and it must be Arm & Hammer brand. This interesting addiction started when I was merely 7 years of age. My family first introduced this lovely product as an aid to increase the power of my toothpaste and said this would definitely help whiten my teeth. Low and behold it did but in this process I became so addicted to the taste and smell. And now I am 31 years old and still ABSOLUTELY love the taste of baking soda. i find myself thinking about it every minute of every day!!! For a while I tried to stop, which lasted almost 6 months. Wow i am surprised I could last that long without my "baby" as I like to call it. But anywho, I love love love love when I mix my baking soda with a smaller amount of water considering the box size and stir it and then heat in the microwave for the right time depending on the amoun then have these hard crunchy pieces that I can suck on like a piece of candy so to speak. My mouth craves it right now as I am talking about it. my family thinks I am ridiculous for having this craving and think I am going to eventually clog my arteries, but I don't care because I know i love it.

OMG!!! I've known for a while there were other people that eat/taste baking soda but I thought I was the only one that went a few steps past that by experienting with different techniques. I too put water in my baking soda and put it in the microwave; however, I take it out the box. I have about 2-4 different tubaware containers that I use at one time. Each container has sections (only 2 sections). There is a different baking soda to water ratio in each one. My favorite is ALOT of baking soda and enough water to make at least 60% of the baking soda moist. Then I put it in the microwave for 6 minutes. I've learned over the years (been doing the microwave thing about 3 years now) that its best when I give it about 12 hours to mold and get VERY hard. I make a few of these and then in a few hours when I'm watching TV, I like to break it apart and crush it with my fingers (no eating yet). Once I get them as small as they can get usually about as a sunflower seed (with shell) to maybe as big as a pistachio. Once I have all the breakable pieces broken, I add a little bit of regualr un-microwaved baking soda to calm it down because if you eat it staright from the microwave and have alot, it kinda eats away at the inside of your mouth, tongue and gums. I eat so much for a while and then I can't for a few hours or maybe a day or 2. Right now, I haven't had any since this morning and I can still feel my tongue kinda burning/raw. MMMMMMMMMMMMM, damn, I want so right now. I can't go back to just eating it straight out the box. I ABSOLUTELY NEEDS CHUNCKS......and I leave it by the window so it can have a nice little chill. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I stopped eating it, I noticed my skin becoming more wrinkle like, and my skin on my face reacted negatively to it, causing painful bumps that were large, and took some time for my skin to clear up. I think it was God telling me to give up the addiction, through Jesus Christ. Try eating grind powdered peanuts, or some other kind of nut that is slightly salted with a nice amount of iron content, like chia seeds, or flax seeds.

Wow I may try your method. I typically don't like the taste once it gets wet I love it dry. I pour some in my hand and use one finger to rub the baking soda on the back of my tongue. Its a very different taste when you put it on the back of your tongue.

I have a little routine with my baking soda also. I use a gallon sized ZipLoc bag and place an open box of Arm and Hammer Fridge and Freezer baking soda in the bag along with a Renuzit air freshner of my desired scent/ flavor and let the baking soda "marinate" for a day or two to get the flavor of the air freshner infused into the baking soda. I get the 4lb box and use it to refill the smaller freezer boxes because those boxes are vented on the sides and allow the flavor to go through it. I keep about 4 boxes at a time marinating. I only chew and spit out. I also carry some of my "flavored" baking soda in a container in my purse. I love switching out to taste the different flavors and even mixing the flavors. My favorite right now is Citrus burst! Can you imagine a fruity tasting baking soda? Yummy!

Which kind of renuzit do u use? The circle ones or the ones like a little tree?

Ive just found a new way to enjoy my baking soda. Thankyou. Glad im not alone in this Strange Addiction

My friends and family think I am crazy. They even hide it from me which makes me mad. Its a good thing I always have an extra box hidden in my room. I love the look, feel, and taste of baking soda. I also love the taste and crunch of crushed ice. The snow cone ice is amazing. I will eat it until my mouth is frozen. LOL its good to know I am not alone.

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Woooooow I thought I was alone....I love the taste of baking soda.

We <3 Baking Soda!! LMAO

I thought I was alone !!!! Thanks for all you post . I like it hard and Crunchy. I tend to crave Baking Soda when Stressed !

YES!!!!!! I chew it normally every night and morning but for a long period of time when I'm stressed out.

I really thought I was alone in the baking soda thing, when I was 3 I went to the fridge and got it licked it off my fingers ,and I loved the feel of it ,and fell in love with the taste. I'm now 41,six kids and love still baking soda ,I ate it through all my pregnancies ,I had to have it.i just don't no what my body may be lacking, I keep it in my bathroom,beside my bed, and at least 4 boxes in cabinet,I like it really loose and fresh no lumps,I go in the store and shake the boxes to be sure it's loose,I feel like I need to stop but I can't ,is it true it can harden your arteries ?

I have been increasing my intake and I'm kinda getting worried. I know the sodium has got to be bad but I can't stop. I've even started freezing it with a little water so I can eat it like candy?

Hey you guys..add me to the club...I can relate to all of you!!! But I ddnt realize there were more of you out addiction to baking soda is starting to scare me but I dnt think I can stop.. im starting to twitch, have muscle spasms, nervousness&inability to sleep-so now ive started taking sleepaid nightly..please help.

I stopped eating it, I noticed my skin becoming more wrinkle like, and my skin on my face reacted negatively to it, causing painful bumps that were large, and took some time for my skin to clear up. I think it was God telling me to give up the addiction, through Jesus Christ. Try eating grind powdered peanuts, or some other kind of nut that is slightly salted with a nice amount of iron content, like chia seeds, or flax seeds. I remember also experiencing eye twitching and such, be careful also you are not breathing in moth ball gases, that too can trigger those reactions along with nose bleeds. For sleep valerian root powder works fast, and it's safe. Look it up from a bulk herb store online. Hope you heal up.

I am a man and I love baking soda. It is crazy to see all these people that do all the things I do with BS. I eat it, chew it, and i like to mix it with hot water too breath in the fizz. Just like one other on here i am the guy in the isle shaking the arm and hammer boxes to see which one is the most rocky and to avoid the boxes of BS that are sandy instead of being powdery. I am eating some now. It just tastes so good.

(im te one tryin to figure out which ones the crunchiest) and i've learned: the Arm and Hammer Fridge and Freezer kind is crunchiest!! My family members just rolled their eyes at me when I told them that, but if you look on the side of the fridge n freezer box, it says that its "granulation is different" jus thot i'd share.

I have tried those boxes too, but the ones I've purchased have been sandy. The sandy kinds is ok, but it doesn't exactly taste like the powdery kind. I have noticed that when we are around the holidays they don't put the sandy kind in the regular boxes. At least in my area.

UGH!!!!!!!! I HATE when I get the Sandy ones. Ewwww, they are terrible.

I'mma try that today.....At the dollar store in Philly, they have one called Refrig Cleaner and Baking soda. I get them both cuz they taste the same. Usually 4 boxes a piece. I will grab some of the freezer change when I get off work. :^)

OMG...I am that person standing in the isle shaking the boxes! I like the sandy gritty boxes but I dampen the baking soda by putting it in a ziploc baggie with a cone or gel air freshener and seal the bag. Moisture starts to collect in the bag and gets absorbed by the baking soda and infused with flavor. It's makes the grainier kind a little more dense and "softer" so it doesn't feel like it's cutting up your mouth and tongue when it's dry.

I wish my boyfriend could read this. I told him I'm sure a man out here somewhere can understand my pain LOL......We've been together since we were 12 and we are both 28 now. I've been chewing it for only 5 years now. He thinks I need to slow down. Ugh, what does he know?!?! LOL :D

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