I Have Pica

Firstly I really appreciate the stories on here that people have shared about somthings Im sure they could never tell family openly without embarrasment,
Till 2009 I assumed I was just strange and was the only one who struggles with these urges.
Since I was about 7 or 8  i first started eating soap, not a whole bar at a time but  little pieces through out the day im 26 now its time to kick the habit, i told my husband and he didnt make a big deal about it, he just joked that hes gonna keep a eye on the bath soap, but after reading on the sympthoms i know Im dangerously anemic and aparently the body is so smart it seeks out the minerals its missing in weired places, i go for weeks without it but then i get mad cravings for it its a battle, I dont even know how many soaps Ive bought had a nibble and thrown away because I dont wanna think about what its doing to my insides! My only really way out is to improve my health take the iron tablets and get better. Thanks for listening :)
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ive been addicted to toilet paper since i was 7 non stop iam now 19 going on twenty i hate it but i realize i only do it when im stressed or when im mad its a terrible habit my family knows and sadly no one thinks nothing of it ......i guess they grew use to it......im ready to stop this addiction but i dont know how. its just like any other addiction so please respond like u would respond to any other addict.

I can't say I have ever eaten soap, but i have eaten sand chalk and dirt. I found out that i was so anemic I would qualify for a blood transfusion. I did start taking iron pills, while they helped with the cravings they didn't completely stop. Seeking therapy might help as well.

Im 18 and have always had cravings for weird things since i was young,but lately ive had really really bad cravings for soap as well , only mine is for laundry soap and anything that smells like " fresh linen " scent including candles :<br />
i dont know what to do because my friends think its weird how i have to smell everything everywhere i go . if anybody has ideas as to what i can do to help these urges, please let me know.

HI everyone thankyou so much for all of your support and comments I have been trying for weeks to get into my profile but I finally got in, so............... it has been a on going struggle but Im not making much head way, I thought that having natural soap would be a bit better while i kick the habbit but it seems just as harsh on my tounge or even worse @ Ilovefemalepee I do take it on board and will keep it in mind as a major reason why i need to stop, @bastogne earl grey tea is on my shopping list for today and I will give it a honest try, but my first real try is to keep all soap out of my house and thats the catch I love using soap for my face because i have oily skin and it keeps it balanced, I know its a lame excuse prob i should use some different products and just stay away from soap all together cause it seems that will be the only real way to begin.<br />
Thanks again everyone now I feel that Im getting help with all of your comments and that I really can do this, I'll keep you posted. Thankyou :)

Hi! I have read your story. I will have to break something down for you that you most likely, won't like to hear. Soap has about 6-9 ingredients that causes cancer.<br />
<br />
Disregard my username for a second, I am talking serious here, and I am definitely NOT a troll.

my wife chewed ice, now she's on iron pills. if you miss the taste of soap, drink earl grey tea, it tastes like soap.

This is really interesting. I have never heard of a person eating soap before. And don't get me wrong, I know of more people who seem to attempt to chew on far more dangerous things in their lives than a bar of soap. Slow careful morsels of significant idiots over decades springs to mind.<br />
I am no doctor or psychologist, but have you ever sat down, with a bar of soap, and asked yourself what the attraction to it actually is? I mean is it the texture on your teeth or the taste of the soap itself? Is it a combination of things? Perhaps the best way to look at it is to describe what it is you feel BEFORE you begin eating it, and then what part is satiated by it. Maybe there is something that is just as easily satisfied by a food or a non toxic alternative.

Try eating cilantro. It tastes like soap to some people. (Smells and tastes nasty to me.)