I Love Baking Powder!!!

Hello Im 34 and i Love to eat baking powder.. it all started last year when i ate only "Sal de Uva" which is a mexican version of "alka seltzar". I would take about 3-4 single packages a day.. when i got preagnant with my son in 2010, i craved anything that was powdery and white and sort of dry... its weird but i started to eat baking powder instead and ever since ive been eating it like crazy i love Rumford baking powder ,, but when i can not find it i will buy Clabber Girl. I carry one in my purse , car , office and in my house just for back up... its dry , white and powder texture drives me insane.. i have not had any medical problems yet .. and i hope it stays that way...
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Omg me too ....its started when I was pregnant... I was watching the cooking channel and I remember Paula deen was cooking old fashioned biscuit and she was using baking powder. I remember when I was young my GMA used to let us eat it as a child. So I went to the store and the right is history I can't get enough of it

I have been eating baking powder since I was very little my friends they did I should go on the show my strange addiction I haven't had any medical problems with the only thing that it makes me do is go to the bathroom what about you guys tell me

Man man I thought I was the only one I started eating it when I was pregnant with my first child for heart burn now I eat it all the time I do get gas and the runs if I eat to much I'm trying to stop I went for a month or too with out eating some and some how idk I started again... I need help stop eating it but my fav is clabbers girl too I'm just so glad I'm not the only one

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/24/pica-pregnancy-condition-_n_3645125.html I am addicted too just foubd this article I will try to stop as my box finished today.

I'm more hooked than ever!! Especially after I'm done eating, I go and take a couple of spoonfuls. I love any brand but prefer clabbergirl. I eat it in the morning as soon as I wake up and then at night before going to bed!

Me and you are exactly alike I love Clabber Girl baking powder

Omg I thought I was the only one with this addiction. I have been eating baking powder since i was a little girl. I am 33 years old. I go through a can a week. I have one at my job, in my car at friends houses... this is sad.. I want to know if it causes health issues. I will say that lately I have been really gassy, and some days I have the runs. Im thinking its from the baking powder but i cant stop eating it. my mouth literally waters for it. my fiancee doesnt like me eating it and if he finds it he will throw it away... he say's I am killing myself... please if anyone knows any side affects of eating baking powder please let me know. Also, I do know that I am anemic... that could be part of why I eat it so..

The only side effects that I have are the ones that you mentioned the gas and the runs that's about it

YES!!! There aré days that I eat more than normal and I get the runs and get really gassy but I just can't stop! I'll go through about 2 cans a month... I didn't like the rumford so now clobber girl makes an aluminum free BP that's amazing!!!

I'm 27 I've been eating it for a year now I only started to eat it after being put on birth control to stop bleeding after the birth and death of my last son a little over a year ago I had a strong taste in my mouth and knew what I needed I started off eating a can every few day's to one to a few I can not pass gas while I consume baking powder I have the runs and I ate so much I gave myself high blood pressure it's my comfort in a stressful situation b4 bed first thing n the a.m I carry a can with me at all times I know it's killing me so I'm to the point I'm about to pull my hair out I haven't did it in almost a month n I need it sooo bad right now I miss the filling licking the top after I've licked 20 tops n thin coated the and let them air dry and eat all 20 tops at once or when I'm out just the thrill n comfort sneaking and having my baking powder in public brings me I need it now on my way to the grocery store

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I stopped eating it, I noticed my skin becoming more wrinkle like, and my skin on my face reacted negatively to it, causing painful bumps that were large, and took some time for my skin to clear up. I think it was God telling me to give up the addiction, through Jesus Christ. Try eating grind powdered peanuts, or some other kind of nut that is slightly salted with a nice amount of iron content, like chia seeds, or flax seeds.

I love clabber girl!!!!!! I'm 31 weeks & I just recently started eating it again about about 3 weeks ago after a 2yr stop! I'm 24 & I've eaten it since I was 14 my aunt ate it all the time , I love the taste I love the way it bubbles I CANT GET ENOUGH ANYMORE!!

I'm still eating baking powder. It's probably good that I can't eat it often because i'm in the dorm with a roommate, but bad when I go home and i take large spoonfuls of Clabber Girl to fill my mouth completely. I don't want to eat it, but I'm really craving it and i'm starting to think i should just get it over and buy it.

I am 23 and addicted to baking powder as well! Started when I was little. I liked putting my hands in the laundry detergent (powder) then when I was pregnant went to baking soda. Now I'm addicted and LOVE baking powder for the last 4 years. Go through about 1 can every 2 days.

Im 29 now and im addicted to baking powder i started at ten years old i use to swallow it but i gt sick now i just put in my mouth an let the taste fill my mouth thn spit it out. I do this 9 times everyday but i only like clabber girl its so good. Myconcern is im 29 weeks pregant i wanna eat alot more than i already consume will it harm my child just talkn about it makes my mouth water. I have to buy because not buyn i think about it i crave it nothing else can replace baking powder. The other thing my boyfriend has no idea i sneak it when he in bathroom or out.

I stopped eating it, I noticed my skin becoming more wrinkle like, and my skin on my face reacted negatively to it, causing painful bumps that were large, and took some time for my skin to clear up. I think it was God telling me to give up the addiction, through Jesus Christ. Try eating grind powdered peanuts, or some other kind of nut that is slightly salted with a nice amount of iron content, like chia seeds, or flax seeds.

i used to eat clabbergirl but the taste changed and i love rumford baking powder..it seems to have a more alkaline taste whereas clabbergirl began to taste more like cornstarch..i can eat 3 cans a week. i love how it exhales out of my nostrils when i take a huge spoonful and place in my mouth. rumford is the best baking powder..also the dollar general brand is pretty strong and alkaline too but i prefer rumford

I love clabber girl..'when i was 5years old my grandma gave me spoonfuls now i eat it everyday atleast 2 or more cans a Month

Omg I love yall!!!!!

I've just learned about the pica affliction recently and it blows my mind. Great to hear you haven't experienced any medical issues as a result! Isn't baking powder bad for you? I would think it would be but I'm not a scientist :D

not to sure if its bad but i got no medical issues yet. Thats good news! Im still hooked on my Clabber Girl baking powder! love it with a passion :D

No harm no foul I guess :) Good luck to you

Wow I know I'm 2 years late for this topic but I have the same problem from start to end I have cut back on my consumption I probably put the tip of my finger in the can once a week if that and that's good for me because I use to go through a can of baking powder within 2 months it was an addiction that I had but watching my weird addiction made me change I didn't do it for 6 months it seems when I stress I turn back to the can I eventually will stop......Are you still eating baking powder? ??

yes i am .. and i think i can and wont want to stop . i love it soooo much!! its my lil snack attack :)

I stopped eating it, I noticed my skin becoming more wrinkle like, and my skin on my face reacted negatively to it, causing painful bumps that were large, and took some time for my skin to clear up. I think it was God telling me to give up the addiction, through Jesus Christ. Try eating grind powdered peanuts, or some other kind of nut that is slightly salted with a nice amount of iron content, like chia seeds, or flax seeds.

Hello, I will take your advise. Honestly my skin has become more smooth and less winkles!! I'm 37 but people think I'm 25 or late 20's. For me this has not been a problem. I still consume a lot of baking powder and I can not stop !! Thank you so much for you comment. :0)Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Hi I'm also addicted to baking powder and I've noticed for the past years it helps my face and I have no pimples and my skin is always smooth and glowing people ask me what I do to my face but I'm to ashamed to tell them I eat baking powder 😏

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I had the same story, I started out drinking, not eating Alka Seltzer. I would carry around a water bottle all day long. I am hooked on baking powder too and only Rumford Brand, no other will do. There have been times I have had to go to an all night market because my craving was so bad. I have cans stashed everywhere, even at my siblings homes, so its there when I visit. I have learned that low iron levels, (anemic) and low vitamin D levels increase the pica. If I supplement the desire goes down.

oh my i also love rumford its so dry and sizzling that it makes my mouth water just to think of baking powder. yes i m anemic as well do to my gastric by pass . I lack of vitamins and all the ones you can think of. LOL i also got baking powder at my siblings home and they know its just for me :)

Hello... I love baking powder also! I need a spoonful every morning and evening, it was even worst when I was pregnant with all of my children(5). I eat so much with my eldest daughter that she had red blemishes all over her body, the doctor said it was because of the baking powder. Just can't get enough of it!

Omg how much did you eat??? I'm 29 weeks with my third child and I'm super addicted I don't wanna harm my son....I feel so bad now :((

I love it too!!! Clabber girl is my favorite! I dont know why?!!! I try really hard to keep it a secret though. I love the taste of it. I also love the feel of anything powdery. when doing laundry, I buy the Gain powder and just put it in the washer with my hands. I love the feel of anything powdery and LOVE to eat Clabber girl! I thought I was the only one!

I hear you about the gain detergent and about liking anything powdery. Im the same way. The clabber girl baking powder is a little salty to me, but I love the way it feels in my mouth with a little gritty crunch. I have a taste for something powdery and it drives me nuts because I can't find anything that's safe to eat with the same texture. I though I was the only one with this issue until I spoke with some of my friends.

I'm trying really really hard not to eat it, but it's super delicious! I love the bubbling feeling in my mouth and that strong, metallic taste before I swallow it. I know it's not good for me and I've been eating it since I was a little girl. I really want to stop :(


I am 34 I as well thought i was the only one who ate baking powder my aunt did as well I started when I was pregnant with my first son juat been doing it ever sense I'm just! Wondering why I love it so much

ive been eating backing powder since before i was 13 im 22 now and i cant stop lol i have cravings so bad i cant think of nothing else!! only medical problems ive had is high blood preassure and low iron even though the doctor says i need to stop my sodium intake which is the main ingredient of baking powder , i cant stop eating it lol its way to good ! , anyways i like to put a little water in mines and let harden and eat big chunks you ladies should try it !!!!! xoxoxoxo meka

I did not know it was so many people with the baking powder habit. the first time I've tasted baking powder. I had to be 6 or 7 years old, I had heartburn an my grandmother say get to teaspoons of baking powder. I did not eat it as a child but when I got pregnant I craved it. it's been 13 years and I still eat it everyday. I go through 6 cans a week, I use to eat it now I just put it in my mouth then spit it out then rinse my mouth out. I'm trying to cut back so now it's 3 to 4 cans a week. baby steps. thank you all for share your stories. I thought I was alone in this habit.

A can will last me about 2 weeks. ill eat some about 3 times a day.

I use the Kraft brand with the Indian head on the front.

i shall try that one too :) THANKS!

Omg I'm the same way I've been eating it since I was a toddler my mom ate it to help her burp and seeing her I would want some and she would give me a little each time It is now bad I can't stop eating the stuff my mouth waters for it and I like alka seltzer too because it reminds me of baking powder but only the original well since I have been eating it for so long it caused my potassium level to drop causing serious pains....

I Have been eating baking powder for as long as i remeber. It all started when i was a little girl at my grandmas house and i walked into the kitchen and saw my favorite aunt sneaking in the cabinet pouring handfuls of it into her palm licking it out. I was only about five or six then but have been hooked every since. a couple of times during my teen years i can remember craving it so bad i would go into the grocery store grab a can, pop a hole in the top to get my fix right there and leave..lol Later into my college years after eating so much of it i realized that it started to make me have bad reactions like diarrhea and easy regurgitation so i tried quiting also after doing research and finding out that my favorite kind which is clabber girl is filled with poisonous alluminum. the longest i have gone without it was a year but now i have started craving it again badly just the other day i bought a can took a handful and threw it away im so torn. i think i need helplol

I'm 18 years old and I have been eating baking powder for several years. My grandmother ate it, my mom started eating it because her mom did, and I now eat it. I go through a can of clabber girl in 4 days. Its been 5 days since I last ate it. It started with a finger tip then it escalated to spoonfuls then no spoon at all, just tilting the can of baking powder into my mouth. It's almost like I'm going through withdrawal without it. I'm trying to quit because I've heard that its ingredients cause alzheimer's and/or cancer.

OMG! I thougth I was the only one with this crazy Baking Powder cravings... it's kind of a relieve to know I'm not the only one but I would still like to know if this unhealthy, I go trough one can of Clabber Girl a week, but I also crave dirt sometimes or chalk...and I love eating ice specially if it's crushed but my boyfriend is concerned that all this Baking powder I eat will make me sick, I feel guilty sometimes and try to avoid eating it but I just can't stop =

OMG!!! I thought I was the only person in the world who ate baking powder but it's good to know I'm not. When I was younger my mom would eat it and of course my sisters and I got hooked, now I think I'm the only one in the family who still has to have it. When I was pregnant I ate it all the time and all my children waas healthy but my dr gave me pills to cut the cravings but after I delivered it came right back. I eat a can a week and I hope I can stop soon because my husband fears it will lead to something bad in the future.

Hello Ladies , Im back !! and im still eating baking powder , I cant seem to stop!! Im curious to try ice with baking powder... my mouth water just by thinking about it .. now i work in a new funeral home and i have 2 cans of baking powder in my cubby , but no one has asked me what its doing there...LOL ! I guess i would never stop my craving for it.. well im amazed by all the comments and i thought i was alone..but i now realize that im not! much love ladies .. i will log in more often now. xoxo :)

I know I'm late with my comment. I just happened to be looking on the Internet to see if anyone else had this same strange addiction like me. I've been eating baking powder for years I'm 28 now but I can remember eating when I was younger. I have also been addicted to ice. I eat the ice first then Rumford baking powder right after. I'm just like you all I love it and I haven't been able to stop eating it.

My mother started eating Clabbergirl Baking powder many years ago. As a result all of my sisters and me started eating it. She would just have it under the coffee table. I started eating it just to see and could not stop. I have been eating Clabbergirl since about 10 years old and I say Clabbergirl because i've tried the others except for Rumford and it is the only baking powder i can eat. One of my sisters did student teaching in France, and her only request was that we send her some Clabbergirl. Something about the others just don't taste as good. I know it's not good for me but I have been diagnosed with low iron and i know that is what is behind my cravings. I have to have a can handy. Even when I go to the grocery store and I walk down the isle with Clabbergirl in it, my mouth starts to water!!!

Rumford brand is way better and is aluminum free clabber girl isn't plus it's way more salty than rumford. ;)

I love baking powder I will purchase a can then add water to it not a lot then I'll shake the can so the water can absorb the power and clump it together. I let it sit for one day and eat the harden clumps yummy. Side affects would be consumption of your blood eventually leading to blood transfusion. Trust me I been through it cravings are still there I eat very little know!

I DO THIS TOO! I love eating it in chunks! i just leave some out though in a baggie so i can eat while it gets hard.


I eat baking powder all the time but don't swallow it.. I just fill my mouth up with it and chew till it bubbles up then I rinse my mouth out..

I rarely hear of people eating baking powder. Just the other day I tried to quit eating it, so I went to Youtube to see if I could at least watch someone eat it ( I heard it helps). But the only videos I could find was of some kids just trying it for fun, but for the most part they would just end up spitting it out. I thought to myself what a waste of yummy baking powder. So then I saw other videos like ''chalk eaters'', ''cornstarch eaters'' and ''dry wall eater''. It kind of helped, but now I'm craving chalk and want to try corn starch. I've tried chalk and I must say I liked it, and cornstarch I just want to know what it taste like. But there is nothing better tasting than baking powder, my mouth is so watery now. I've been taking Iron pills, because I was told that they help get rid of the cravings. They havent yet.

I eat it out the can and with ice I eat it everyday I have a can in the car in the house at my mama house I have can of baking powder everywhere and I love to eat it and i eat it all day everyday

@adiaz268<br />
im like so attached to "sal de uvas picot"<br />
idk i just love the bubbly feeling and the <br />
sour acid taste, i thought i was better by<br />
now, since i was suffering from iron deficiency<br />
after some medications i didnt really LOVED<br />
it as i used to but i still like the feeling in my mouth

I know that bubbly feeling you are talking about. The reason I like baking powder and ice is because you almost get the same bubbly feeling when you combine them together. It's so Yummy. I have recently stop eating it because I was also suffering from iron deficiency, and my husband has been on my case. But I crave it so bad. My mouth is getting watery by just thinking about it.


@sandii3000 it did not affect me at all. im just hooked on baking powder right now. :D

i have a question:<br />
<br />
I also have a crazy craving for Sal De Uvas, and i am currently 34 weeks pregnant, for those who were pregnant did this affected your baby in any way... I am really concerned, because i go thru at least 1pk per weeks, or sometimes 2...<br />
<br />
So for those who were pregnant did this affected your baby in any way?

@Favi, wow ive never heard of anyone that liked Sal De Uva as a snack but me! yes i started off with this small snack and i would go through about 2 boxes a week and i belive it has 12 inside.. than i went with baking powder. Clabber is yummy but Rumford is the best.. i grab 3 cans and it will last me about 3 weeks i go through about one 8.1oz can a week . i lve it!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like low magnesium problem. Does it make u nervous? I've heard that the aluminum does something to the C nervous system. There is non aluminum baking powder in the stores now. I started when I was 13, but had to give it up. It's a weekly battle. The body craves it for some strange reason.

I love Clabber baking powder. I keep one in my bedroom. Yum! Like you, I started with Sal De Uva and still eat it every once in a while, but baking powder is my thing. My husband gets mad at me for eating it but I can't help it. Some times I feel guilty for eating it but can't stop. I'm also obsessed with eating ice, especially with baking powder. I know I'm weird.

I've been eating it for YEARS! I just love it, and especially with ice...lol

How weird, I like eating it with ice also. It's so Yummy....

i just use a spoon and eat it out of the can.. theres no trick to it.

Do you still eat baking powder?

Tried baking powder but I did not like it... maybe you know a good way how to eat it lol